They make them into paper hats… Or swords… We’ve had swords before.  And treasure maps drawn on the backs of the Sunday School papers. Every now and then, someone will actually color in the picture!

Gresham made this card at Cubbies tonight.  I’m not sure what the lesson was or what he was supposed to be doing, but here’s what he drew on the inside:

It’s a volcano with four little sheep inside!  Isn’t that lovely?  His teacher said maybe it’s roast mutton?  Gresham loves volcanoes – I think it’s because he loves dinosaurs and there are so many volcanoes in his dino books.  I don’t usually save all the paper swords, etc., but I’ll definitely have to save this one!

What do your boys do with their Sunday School papers?


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  1. Esther Irish Jan 30, 2011

    Well not my boy, but if any paper ends up in the girls' rooms they tear them up into millions of little pieces for "food". Drives me nuts! I like you're new header.

  2. Taneil Lawton Jan 31, 2011

    What is bad is when the Children's Church teacher helps make them into paper airplanes :-) That would be my husband. At least it gets them out the door and into the car with the paper because they want the paper airplane even if they don't want the teaching on the paper. I have to throw the papers away when my four year old isn't looking because he wants to keep ALL of them.

    I do like the mutton stew in a volcano.

  3. Kristalyn Jan 31, 2011

    mine draw Jedi knights with lightsabers on their church papers


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