Look, Puppy!  There is some water left in the hose!  Let’s drink it!

Now let’s go get into trouble together…

No, Puppy!  You can’t have my shovel!

No!  It’s MY shovel!

Puppy took my shovel!!

And right after I took this picture, I rescued the shovel and gave it back to baby!


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  1. Lindsay @ BytesOfMemory Oct 15, 2010

    awwww poor little guy! That looks like something our dog would do too :-)

  2. Unplanned COoking Oct 16, 2010

    Love that I found your blog. Our boys never sit still. And when they're not still, something breaks :).

    Following from Mom Loop.

  3. A Daddy Blog Oct 16, 2010

    Such a pleasure to meet you. I love this sequence of photos and the story telling you attached. My wife does that in some of her personal blog posts for the family. She also has her public blog (milkandcuddles.com) that you should check out sometime. Thank you for your comment on my humble little daddy blog. Have a wonderful weekend!

    --Michael(aka: adaddyblog.com)

  4. Heather's Hodgepodge Oct 16, 2010

    I just LOVE footie pajamas!

    1. Sarah Oct 16, 2010

      You know, I was feeling kind of bad because these pictures were taken around 11:00 a.m., and the poor child wasn't dressed yet, but the footie jammies just make the pictures adorable! Every time I look at them I just wish I could hang onto him at this age a little longer!

  5. Anne Oct 17, 2010

    Those pics are sooo funny and cute. I sure miss my boy wearing those sleepers. Great commentary on each pic. Followed you from Home with the Boys link up.


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