Welcome to Frugal Fun For Boys and Girls!

My name is Sarah Dees. I am an educator (BSE in Special Education) and a published author, and I have a passion for creating engaging hands-on activities for kids!

I am wife to my wonderful husband Jordan, and mom to four boys and one girl. Our sons are Aidan (born July 2003), Gresham (October 2006), Owen (May 2009), and Jonathan (January 2012). Our little girl Janie was born in April 2014, so I am no longer a mom to only boys, although our house is still very boy-heavy! We are homeschoolers and really enjoy having the ability to educate our kids at home. This doesn’t mean we are home all the time, however. As the kids have gotten older, we’ve added co-op classes, music lessons, and other activities. I feel like taxi driver is part of my job description now!

I started this blog with the name Frugal Fun for Boys in 2010, and renamed it to reflect that we now have a girl in our family too. The name of this site has never been intended to exclude girls – of course girls will enjoy these activities. Janie happens to be a really girly girl, so we’ve got some girly crafts on this site as well as tons of things that boys will love.

Our LEGO Books

Our family has worked together to create original LEGO projects for our five building ideas books. All of our books are published with Page Street Publishing, a division of Macmillan. You can find them wherever books are sold, so be sure to check your local bookstore!

Read more about our LEGO Books here.

Here are the things you can find on our site:

We love to share LEGO ideas and activities, and many of them include building instructions.

You can also find many STEM ideas (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) that are perfect for use at home, in the classroom, or at a STEM club or library maker space. I love coming up with engineering challenges that use simple and inexpensive materials.

Since we homeschool, you can also find plenty of learning activities.

We are a Christian family, and I have posts on Biblical Boyhood as well as encouraging and useful posts for moms.

Thanks for stopping by!