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If I could chose only one toy for my kids, LEGO® bricks would be the one. Seriously, we could part with just about everything else and thrive with just our bins of LEGO® bricks. This toy increases intelligence and encourages creativity in ways that few other toys do. Constructing a spaceship develops design skills, but it also encourages math skills. I need a brick that is 8 studs long, but I don’t have one. Which bricks can I substitute to fill that space? What pieces can I choose to make my space ship the same on both sides (symmetrical)? How can I change the opening of this car so that my guy can fit in without the roof getting stuck on his head?

We have FOUR LEGO® books available that will inspire hours of creative building. Spark your child’s imagination with new ideas for that bucket of bricks and taken-apart sets. There is no need to keep buying endless new sets! Make good use of what you have!

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    The Big Book of Amazing LEGO Creations with Bricks You Already Have

    75+ Brand-New Vehicles, Robots, Dragons, Castles, Games and Other Projects for Endless Creative Play

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    This huge collection of action-packed projects will bring fresh life to your tubs of bricks and get LEGO® lovers of all levels inspired to build for days. Dive into your own LEGO® world filled with new and amazing creations — from sleek, aerodynamic race cars to fairytale creatures, secret spy headquarters and everything in between.

    Step-by-step pictures combined with detailed instructions and helpful parts lists make Sarah’s projects accessible for tinkerers of any age. Explore far and wide with an adventurer ATV, military humvee or a mini animal safari. Meet mischievous trolls and a friendly spiketailed dragon. Build your family’s dream seaside vacation, complete with a surf shack, ice cream stand and pirate ship. Construct a customizable bedroom that looks just like your own or the classroom in your school.

    Silly stories and scene suggestions will inspire countless hours of play, making this the perfect gift for kids who crave variety in their LEGO® building. There’s no limit to what you can imagine and create with this awesome collection!

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    Incredible LEGO Creations From Space with Bricks You Already Have.

    25 New Spaceships, Rovers, Aliens and Other Fun Projects to Expand Your LEGO Universe

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    3, 2, 1 . . . Blastoff To Your Next LEGO® Space Adventure!

    Turn your bucket of LEGO® bricks into fun new space expeditions―complete with epic spaceships, kooky aliens and cool vehicles! Bestselling author and unmatched LEGO® mastermind Sarah Dees is back with 25 new, out-of-this-world projects to launch playtime to a whole new level.

    Every amazing LEGO® creation in this book is assembled from bricks you already own, and comes with step-by-step instructions, detailed picture guides and helpful parts lists. While building your epic LEGO® landscapes, get to know the fun adventure stories that go along with them. Each chapter has a lovable, rag-tag team of fearless space explorers, daring astronauts, smart scientists and dangerous aliens to explore and travel with. Fly the Galaxy 10 Space Shuttle and help Captain Cal Galvian get safely to Planet Plexar. Man the Police Cruiser Space Jail with officers Carlos and Astrid. Build a whole Space Station, complete with a Flight Simulator, a Weightlessness Trainer and a Rocket Launch Pad to prepare future astronauts Garrett and Levi for liftoff.

    Don’t just build endless, incredible galaxies―customize them! Upgrade your speedy Sky Hawk Cruiser with a fresh green coat. Give your Cragulon Aliens a makeover with crazy purple heads. These unique projects will guide you through the magic and wonder of the universe, so you can discover a whole new world of fun at your fingertips.

  • Genius LEGO Inventions

    Genius LEGO Inventions with Bricks You Already Have

    40+ New Robots, Vehicles, Contraptions, Gadgets, Games and Other Fun STEM Creations

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    Calling All Tinkerers, Experimenters & Inventors! Unleash Your Creative Powers with Exciting LEGO® Innovations

    Use science and engineering to transform your bin of LEGO® bricks into amazing, movable toys, machines and gadgets. Bestselling author Sarah Dees is back with an all-new collection of projects featuring ingenious designs and simple scientific principles that real engineers use every day. Make yourself a robot pal whose legs move as he rolls along, or a drummer who really plays the drums. Build a wind-up car complete with a flywheel that’ll send your minifigures zooming. Or challenge your friends to a game of pinball on a LEGO® pinball machine you built from scratch. Each project is cooler than the next!

    It’s easy and fun to build each of these awesome contraptions and games by following the clear step-by-step instructions and photographs. Think you have a different way to build something? Exercise your inventing muscles and tinker away! You’re in charge of your designs, so experiment and tweak to make your inventions personal to you. No matter what you end up creating, you’ll learn exciting new things about science, impress your family and have a blast along the way.

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    Epic LEGO Adventures with Bricks You Already Have

    Build Crazy Worlds Where Aliens Live on the Moon, Dinosaurs Walk Among Us, Scientists Battle Mutant Bugs and You Bring Their Hilarious Tales to Life

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    Have a Blast Building New LEGO® Creations That Crash, Crumble, Catch on Fire and Make You Laugh

    Gather up your LEGO® bricks and get ready for a wild and fun adventure! Sarah Dees went all out with this new collection of crazy-cool creations you can build at home with bricks you already have. What’s special about this book is that it’s both a storybook and a project book. Follow along the epic journeys of fascinating characters and the silly things they do. Then learn how to build each element of the scenes and characters with step-by-step photographs and instructions, even how to make them look damaged like they get in the pictures. The stories kick off hours of adventurous playtime with all-new, epic space ships, off-road vehicles, mysterious ancient palace ruins, jet skis, cute animals, creepy mutant bugs and more!

    Build and play along with three clumsy aliens living on the moon with their space blaster that’s constantly malfunctioning, and the astronauts who become their accidental neighbors after a crash landing. In another chapter, join a group of kids who transport dinosaurs to their modern lives with a time machine they find (and you build). You’ll be rolling on the floor laughing about what crazy mischief those dinosaurs get into! You and your family will have so much fun building these awesome toys and reading the stories over and over again, you’ll never want to leave LEGO® world.

  • Awesome LEGO Creations with Bricks You Already Have

    Awesome LEGO Creations with Bricks You Already Have

    50 New Robots, Dragons, Race Cars, Planes, Wild Animals and Other Exciting Projects to Build Imaginative Worlds

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    Have a Blast Building New LEGO Toys, Animals, Scenes and Working Contraptions

    Turn your pile of LEGO bricks into a day of fun! This unique activity book has step-by-step instructions and tons of photos to teach you how to build all-new and totally awesome robots and a robot lab, race cars to race your friends and jet planes to zoom across the room at lightning speed or fit in your pocket for on-the-go play. You can build wild animals then take your minifigures on a safari to see a lion, tiger, monkey and more! Build your own LEGO town with a playground, skate park and go-cart entertainment arena. Your knight minifigures will have a real adventure when they encounter a green fire-breathing dragon! Help the knights win the battle by building a catapult and a crossbow that really work.

    Think you’re a LEGO pro? Then try the no-instruction projects, where you can put your creativity and LEGO building skills to the test by building something using just a photo as a guide. No matter how you use it, this book will help you and your family or friends have a crazy amount of fun building new toys and scenes with your LEGO bricks!