Alphabet Egg Hunt, Plus more ideas for learning egg hunts

Here’s a simple way to make preschool work more festive this week – set up an alphabet egg hunt!  Simply fill plastic Easter eggs with alphabet letters, hide them, and give your preschooler a basket for hunting eggs!

Owen had a great time hunting for eggs and saying the names of the letters inside each one, and opening and closing the little plastic eggs is great for fine motor coordination.  I have it on his school list for the upcoming week as well!

Alphabet Egg Hunt

More ideas for a learning egg hunt:

  • Fill eggs with letters – identify the letters
  • Fill eggs with letters – say the sound the letter makes
  • Fill eggs with sight words
  • Fill eggs with numbers
  • Fill eggs with a certain number of dots (or spring flower stickers or whatever) on a card, have your child count the items


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  1. celia May 30, 2013

    Very interesting egg activities ! I will try it out with my boy:)


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