It’s amazing what fun you can have with scraps of fabric!  When Jonathan was a tiny baby, I saw this idea on Counting Coconuts to make a fabric “baby wipes” toy so that baby can have the fun of pulling ALL of the wipes out of the container without the waste and expense.  I knew we had to do it!  Jonathan has not gotten the idea of pulling out the wipes yet, but I have no doubt that he will.  He does enjoy the textures of the different fabrics. (And Owen, age 3, likes pulling the wipes out!)

My mom had all these fabrics in her sewing stash, so this activity didn’t cost us anything!  She just ran around the edge of each fabric square on her sewing machine to keep the edges from fraying.

You can either pile all of the fabric into the tub, or you can fold them like wipes to get them to pop up one at a time.  To fold, fold each fabric wipe in half, but overlap the squares, and they’ll pop up like real wipes.  If I had one baby, I’d probably do that.  As it is, ours just get shoved into the tub!

Baby love toys that aren’t toys!  What non-toys do your babies enjoy?


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