Here are some of the best Black Friday deals on quality educational toys for kids! I found big savings on Melissa and Doug and so much more.

Skip the plastic, light-up, battery-powered junky toys that will break in a week. It’s worth it to own less toys that are open-ended, high quality, and will lead to hours of creative play.

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Get the Gravitrax Marble Run Starter Set for $34.99, marked down from $69.99. We have this marble run and love it for older kids! Younger kids (8 and under) will love playing with it, but will need help setting it up. Perfect for ages 9+ to do independently.

Looking for magnetic tiles? We find that the magnetic tiles get played with a lot more than the MagFormers with the open center. We do enjoy both, but like the tiles more.

Get 100 MagnaTiles for $83.99, marked down from $119.99.

Or, if you’re okay with a non-name brand, you can get 100 PlayMags for $49.99, marked down from $59.99. These have great reviews!

Get a 200 piece Tinker Toys set for half price! This set is only $24.99, marked down from $49.99.

The Melissa and Doug Wooden Building Blocks are on sale for $44.99, marked down from $84.99. These are usually on sale for about $60, so this is a great deal!!

See more Melissa and Doug deals here: Melissa and Doug Black Friday Deals

Grab the Green Toys Firetruck for only $9.99, marked down from $27.99. Tremendous deal on a quality toy!

The Green Toys Car Carrier is also on sale for $9.49, marked down from $24.99. Comes with a truck and three cars.

Get the Green Toys Dump Truck is on sale for $16.49, marked down from $27.99.

The Green Toys Tea Set is on sale for $9.99, marked down from $29.99. We absolutely love this tea set! It’s so durable and easy for kids to use.

There are lots of deals on Nerf toys! Get the Nerf Elite Shellstrike for $11.15, marked down from $15.95.

See all the Nerf deals here: Black Friday Nerf Deals


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