Here’s a fun LEGO idea! Create your own wood shop with a working LEGO table saw. Okay, it doesn’t actually cut anything (which is probably a good thing!). But it’s an adorable table saw with a “blade” that really turns! This mechanical LEGO project is a lot of fun, and it only requires a couple of Technic elements.

We have some printed 1 x 4 tiles that look like boards, but you can use plain 1 x 4 tiles or plates in brown or tan if needed. Our lighter color tile “board” came with the minifigure in the photos. He was from the series 13 minifigures.

This project uses a small rubber band for a belt. When you turn the handle, the rubber band makes a smaller axle turn, which turns the gear that is used as the saw blade. Real power tools often have belts that make things turn! They just aren’t exposed like in this LEGO version… haha.

How to Build a LEGO Table Saw and Wood Shop

Step 1: First, find a 16 x 16 plate. Position four 1 x 2 dark gray bricks (2 bricks high) and four 1 x 2 light gray bricks as shown.

If you don’t have the dark gray bricks that are two bricks high, just use eight 1 x 2 dark gray bricks instead.

Step 2: Add two 1 x 6 dark gray Technic bricks. Then place a 1 x 8 light gray brick and a 1 x 8 red Technic brick next to the base for the saw. Find a 24-tooth gear and a black Technic axle (6 studs long).

Step 3: Slide the axle through the first two Technic bricks. Then add the gear and slide the axle through the last dark gray Technic brick.

Step 4: Use light gray tiles to create the surface of the table. We used four 2 x 4 light gray tiles and two 1 x 2 light gray tiles.

Then add a 1 x 8 dark gray plate and a 1 x 2 dark gray Technic brick to the area where we’ll build the mechanism.

Step 5: Add a light gray Technic bush (1/2 length) to the axle to secure it. Then find another light gray Technic bush, an axle 3L with a stud, a 1 x 3 Technic crank/pin, and a Technic wedge belt wheel. You’ll also need a small rubber band.

Step 6: Slide the axle through the 1 x 2 dark gray Technic brick. Then add the belt wheel.

Step 7: Slide a Technic bush onto the axle next to the belt wheel. Then add the handle/crank. Stretch the rubber band around the belt wheel and the Technic bush that is on the gear’s axle.

Make a workbench! Start with two 1 x 2 dark gray bricks (two bricks tall) and two 1 x 2 – 2 x 2 light gray inverted brackets.

Step 8: Attach a 6 x 10 light gray plate to the brackets. This will make a nice pegboard to hang tools on.

Step 9: Last step! Build the workbench table. Our workbench is a 2 x 10 dark gray plate with a 1 x 4 red brick and a 1 x 4 dark gray plate on each side to make the legs. We covered the top of the table with tiles, but that step is optional.

Add accessories like tools and boards! We used 1 x 1 tiles with clips to hang the tools on the workbench.

Then it’s time to play! So much fun.

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