Kids of all ages will enjoy building these LEGO® projects inspired by the summer Olympic games! Show them these ideas to get them started, and then see what other events they can build.

It would also be great to build LEGO® Olympic events together – a fun family night idea!

Build the LEGO Summer Olympic Games

Project #1: Olympic Rings

Build the LEGO Summer Olympic Games

Build the rings flat on a base plate, or build them free standing with larger bricks. The rings (and flags – see below) would also be fun to use as decorations for an Olympics watching party.

Project #2: The Olympic Torch

Build the LEGO Summer Olympic Games

Our boxer figure (we don’t have many athletes!) is lighting the torch! The hand held torch is a telescope brick, then two 1 x 1 round plates (flat bricks), then a disk thing. The fire is just stuck into the disk.

Build the LEGO Summer Olympic Games

Project #3: Diving

Build the LEGO Summer Olympic Games

We built this diving pool with a bunch of 2 x 4 light blue plates (flat bricks). I found this color at our local LEGO® store.

Project #4: Gymnastics

Build the LEGO Summer Olympic Games

We built a balance beam, pommel horse, and uneven bars. This is my favorite project!

LEGO Summer Olympic Projects

Here are the pieces we used to build the pommel horse:

LEGO Summer Olympics Projects

Aidan built the uneven bars with Technic rods and connectors.

Build the LEGO Summer Olympics

And the balance beam is obviously quite simple.

Build the LEGO Summer Olympic Games

Project #5: Flags

LEGO Olympics Projects

We only built the US flag, but it would be so awesome to build flags from countries around the world! Check out these LEGO flags for more inspiration!

What will your kids come up with? Feel free to share photos of your kids’ LEGO® Olympic creations on the Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls Facebook page!

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Build the LEGO Summer Olympic Games!


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  1. Aisha Aug 6, 2016

    This is awesome!!!!! I can't wait to inspire my boys to build Olympic inspired games.

  2. KATHY FAABORG Jul 25, 2021

    Thank you so much for your awesome lego projects! My grandson is going to love those.

  3. kelly Jul 25, 2021

    love these! Thank you so much! This will make a great addition to our Olympics study that my son will love!


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