Here’s a fun flower craft that kids will love! It’s also a recycled craft which is a huge plus. Gather up cardboard boxes, egg cartons, and toilet paper rolls, and turn them into beautiful flower collages. This is a fun and creative project that kids can make any way they like!

This is such a cheerful craft for spring, but you can make these any time of the year.

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Flower Craft for Kids

Supplies Needed for this Collage Flower Craft:

  • Cardboard – it’s nice to have an assortment of corrugated cardboard and cardboard from cereal boxes, etc.
  • Cardboard egg cartons
  • Toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls
  • Paint – we used acrylic
  • Scissors
  • Glue – hot glue or Tacky Glue, or the craft glue of your choice

Kids can pattern their flowers after real flowers, or make their own designs. That’s the fun of this project! We had fun exploring different textures by peeling the top layer off some corrugated cardboard and adding things like sections of an egg carton.

Step 1: Cut a square or rectangle from cardboard. Paint it sky blue for the background.

Step 2: Cut out your flowers and plan your layout BEFORE you glue anything down!

Step 3: Paint all of the pieces of the flowers separately before gluing them down.

Here’s a tip about using corrugated cardboard. Peeling the top layer from the cardboard does take some work. Ours did NOT peel off all in one try! We spent several minutes peeling it off, and it left little bits behind, as you can see in the photo. However, you don’t need to get off every little tiny bit of cardboard because once you paint it, the little bits smooth out and it looks great.

Toilet paper rolls are great for cutting flower petals because they naturally curl a bit. Looks really good!

Glue the toilet paper petals to a circle of cardboard. Then you can add another circle on top.

We used a combination of Tacky Glue and hot glue to assemble the flowers. It was really just whatever we felt like using at the moment! Tacky Glue takes longer to dry, but if you’re using acrylic paint with a shiny finish, the hot glue might not adhere as well as Tacky Glue does.

The finished cardboard flower collages are so sweet and colorful!

The purple flower below is made from cereal box cardboard and a ring cut from a toilet paper roll. Turned out so cute!

You could combine the toilet paper roll ring and the yellow triangles (cut from an egg carton) to make daffodils. The collage below is my almost 7-year-old daughter’s, and she wasn’t going for any type of flowers in particular, other than the tulip. I cut out some of the pieces for her, but she had some much fun painting!

An egg carton section makes a great center for a daisy!

Collage Flower Craft

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  1. Cindy Mar 23, 2021

    Beautiful! Thank you for this “Spring-y” project!


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