Here’s a fun craft for kids that is perfect for back-to-school time! Use an empty can and some felt to make this adorable cat pencil organizer.

My daughter LOVES little containers for storing treasures. She was very happy to use this cat pencil can for her gel pen collection! She spends a lot of time during afternoon quiet time drawing pictures and writing letters, which is a win-win. Quiet time for her and me both!

Cat Pencil Organizer made from a tin can and felt

Supplies Needed:

  • Clean, empty can – check for sharp edges
  • Felt in the cat color of your choice – we used tan, but white, brown, or black would also be great
  • Black, white, and pink felt
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Tacky Glue (craft glue)

First, cut out a strip of felt that goes all the way around the can with about an inch and a half of overlap.

Then cut out a cat face, ears, eyes, nose, and whiskers. Glue the eyes, ears, nose, and whiskers to the face. You may want to use Tacky Glue for this instead of hot glue since it’s neater for small pieces.

Cut out a tail. In fact, cut two identical tail pieces.

Pieces needed to make a cat pencil organizer

We gave the tail some stiffness by putting a pipe cleaner in between the two layers of tail. I left some pipe cleaner sticking out of the bottom. It will be covered up by the strip of felt that goes around the can.

Glue one end of your felt strip to the can.

Then glue the tail to the can. Glue down the other end of the felt strip so that it covers up the bottom of the tail.

Attach the face with glue, and you’re all done! So cute.

Cat pencil organizer

Fill your can with pencils, scissors, markers, or whatever you’d like.


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  1. Emily Sep 18, 2020

    Love this! I just made a gray one for my full remote kindergartener! It certainly perks up his little desk.


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