This printable cat and dog themed activity book teaches phonics skills and fine motor skills, but it’s also just FUN! My 4 year old (turning 5 soon) is so eager to do schoolwork, but she works through preschool workbooks faster than I want to pay for them. I’ve been working on creating some things that she would enjoy and that I can also share here – things that you can print for free instead of buying endless workbooks!

This printable activity book is perfect for older 4’s and kindergarten students. It teachers letter sounds for B, C, F, N, P, and Y in a natural way through vocabulary that has to do with pet dogs and cats.

The book is very simple to print and assemble. Each printed page has two book pages. Cut the pages apart and staple them together across the top.

Kids should have a regular pencil for the letter writing practice lines, but for the coloring and circling and drawing lines part, either crayons or colored pencils are great. (Actually, we also sometimes use markers for letter writing practice. They glide very easily, which makes them a good tool for young writers as long as they are WASHABLE!)

Here’s one more sample page… the book has 9 pages total.

Ready to print your activity book? Click the link below, and the file will open. You can save or print from there.

CLICK HERE: Cats and Dogs Printable Activity Book

Need more literacy ideas? Print these Alphabet Memory Game cards (full alphabet).

Or make some word family cups – perfect for beginning readers.


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