We made a fun parking garage for hot wheels cars today! This idea came from the October 2010 issue of Family Fun magazine.

For this project, you need two cereal boxes, enough toilet paper or paper towel rolls to cut five 4″ lengths, tacky glue, scissors, and yellow construction paper.

First, cut the front panel from a large cereal box. Cut toilet paper rolls to 4″ lengths. The instructions said to cover them with yellow paper (and their project definitely turned out cuter), but my boys were in too much of a hurry for this step. They are more into playing than into making things look nice!

Glue four of the tubes at the corners of the front panel that you cut from the first cereal box. The 5th tube is supposed to go in the middle to help support the second level, but we skipped this step (mainly because I read the directions after we finished… whoops). Glue on the second level.

To make a ramp up to the second level, cut some flaps on the top level. The directions said to use the second cereal box to cut two cardboard strips. Then, glue the strips sandwich-style around the flap hanging down to make the ramp nice and sturdy. Since we read the directions at the end (ahem), we just taped our ramp on…

…like so.

The directions also said to use gray construction paper to cover up the sides of the top level. Definitely would have make it look better, but like I said, we wanted to get on with playing!

This was a fun project that everyone enjoyed, and best of all, we only needed materials from around the house!


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  1. cindy Oct 14, 2010

    I saw the family fun article for this when I was at the Dr's office and forgot what magazine it was in. When I searched for a cereal box parking garage your blog came up and I'm so glad it did! My little boy is 4 and is such a joy. Love him to bits. I really enjoyed reading your post about boys are blessings.... Actually on both sides of my husband and I's families there are 19 kids, and only three are girls. So we have an abundance of boys and we feel so blessed by them all. Anyway, my son and I made the cereal box parking garage and he played with it all afternoon, and has now fallen asleep under my chair at my desk:) Thanks for your posts and for sharing about raising boys!

  2. Kimberly Oct 14, 2010

    I absolutely love this idea!!! I was just thinking about buying him something like this because some of his play group friends have things like this and he seemed to like it. Now I try this first, so thanks! Can I use this post on my blog and call it a guest post from you? I think my readers would enjoy it too! Let me know. -Kimberly frugalplayground.com

  3. Jenni Nov 27, 2010

    Love this idea! I will be making this for our son. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Vas Jul 29, 2018

    Good idea, great way to keep the kids busy in summers.


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