Work on language arts skills with these fun Christmas themed activities!  This printable pack is perfect for kindergarten and first grade students, or ages 5-7. There are word cards, handwriting practice pages, story starter cards, and Christmas themed paper for writing stories.

I created this pack because I needed more things for Janie to do during the school day. While I was making handwriting pages for her (with single words), I figured that I might as well create some first grade level pages with full sentences!

Printable Word Cards

My favorite item is this pack is the printable word cards.  Kids can use them to build words with magnetic letters, or put them out with a sensory writing tray. Try using a candy cane to write the words in a cake pan filled with a small amount of green or red cookie sprinkles!

Story Starter Cards

These story cards are designed to get kids started with a story idea, which they can then finish. Encourage them to think about what will happen next, and how the story will end.

Story Writing Paper

Older kids may be able to write down a story using the story starter cards, but younger ones will probably come up with something more simple if they are writing on their own. That’s not a problem!  I designed the story starter cards with verbal storytelling in mind, but I also included some fun paper in this pack that can be used for kids to create their own stories.

Handwriting Practice Pages

There are two pages with single words and two pages with sentences. Print whichever one best suits the needs of your child or student!

Ready to print your Christmas Language Arts Pack?

Click the link below. The file will open, and you can either save it or print it directly.

CLICK HERE:  Christmas Language Arts Printable Pack


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