Add a festive touch to math practice with this Christmas Tree Addition activity! Kids will enjoy decorating the tree while exploring number bonds and writing addition sentences.

Print the Christmas tree mat and the tree trunks (labeled with the numbers 1-15). I laminated our mat for durability, and I also hot-glued velcro to the backs of the tree trunks and to the Christmas tree mat. We had trouble, though, with the velcro coming off the trunks, so I would probably skip that step. I’m not sure if the velcro would stick better if I had used a high temp glue gun? Ours is a low temp. Anyway, the activity will work just fine without the velcro.

How to Play

Grab some buttons or other items for decorating the tree.

Have your child choose a trunk. Then they can decorate the tree with that many buttons. The line in the center of the tree divides the sum. How many ways can they show 8 buttons? 4 + 4, 1 + 7, etc. Have them record their addition sentences with a wipe-off marker.

Then choose a different trunk and do it again!

This activity was a big hit with my 5 year old! Anything hands-on is best at this age.

Ready to print your copy?

Click Here: Christmas Tree Addition Mat


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    Grab some buttons or other items for decorating the tree.


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