Here’s a fun Christmas craft that boys will go for – turn a Hot Wheels or Matchbox car into an ornament for the tree!

Christmas Tree Car Ornament for Kids to Make

The little car ornaments look absolutely adorable on our tree, and they were super simple to put together.

Here’s what you need to make one:

Hot Wheels Car Christmas Tree Ornament

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  • A toy Hot Wheels car or similar – it helps if it has open front windows. This Ford Escort is the one that we used.
  • String
  • A small bottle brush style Christmas tree – the ones we used are 3 inches tall. These trees are the closest thing that I can find on Amazon. Ours came from Michael’s but I can’t find them on the Michael’s site.
  • Super Glue
  • Ribbon or string for hanging

Step 1: Super glue the Christmas tree to the top of the car.

Step 2: If your car has open windows, tied a piece of string through the windows and over the top of the car. If the car has windows, tie the string around the tree only.

At first, we tried stretching a piece of string over the car and super gluing it to the sides of the car right by the windows. But Dad couldn’t get the string to stick to the car and ended up gluing his finger to the car in the process! Oops!

Hot Wheels Car Christmas Ornament

After we all had a good laugh about that we tried using thinner string and just tied it through the windows. It doesn’t have to be very secure since the tree is already glued to the car.

Hot Wheels Car Christmas Tree Ornament

Step 3: Run a piece of ribbon through the string that goes around the tree and tie it at the top.

SO CUTE! These would be great for kids to make extras and give away. I bet Dad or Grandpa would not mind getting a car ornament, especially if you pick out his favorite model of car. Or make them to sell at a Christmas craft fair.

Christmas Tree Car Ornament

I can’t decide which car is my favorite!

Christmas Tree Car Ornament for Kids to Make

Christmas Tree Car Ornament for Kids to Make


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  1. Angela Dec 11, 2015

    Adorable and so clever! Just like everything else on your website :-)

  2. Linda Dec 6, 2022

    Really cute if you can find a car you own or used to own! Very easy inexpensive craft! I'm making these!


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