It’s really heating up where we live, so I made Gresham some “icebergs” to use outside with his toy animals.  This idea is so simple – just freeze water in various containers!

Pretend play with animals and icebergsGresham got out his turtles and dolphins, but the polar bear looked the most comfortable on all that ice!

Pretend play with animals and icebergsWe used a large plastic tub to play in.  The ice makes the water pretty chilly, which is why we didn’t use the kiddie pool!  No one wanted to sit in ice water!

The icebergs don’t last super long, so I made several.  I just put out two at a time and replaced them when they melted.   Gresham loved this idea, and we did it again the next day!  There’s nothing like simple open-ended play!


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  1. Christina Jun 15, 2013

    I swear you have to be the coolest mom ever.


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