Here’s a fun dinosaur craft for kids – make handprint dinosaurs!

This project definitely is more of a “mom helped do it” project rather than an “I did it myself” project. In the early childhood education world, you can find some surprisingly hot debates on this topic! In my opinion, I like to do both types of projects – both process art and things that are just crafts. These handprint dinosaurs make a great keepsake, and the younger boys enjoyed creating them with me even though I did most of the work. You can see Jonathan’s contribution to this project farther down. 🙂

Brachiosaurus (We decided to call it a Brachiosaurus because of the shape of the head.)

Handprint Dinosaurs to Make

For this one, I painted Jonathan’s hand as shown below, and then added details with a paintbrush. Thanks to Red Ted Art for the inspiration on this one!


Handprint Dinosaurs to Make

This one is just a basic handprint, and then I painted a tail, feet, and spikes.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Handprint Dinosaurs to Make

Owen (age 6) helped me come up with the design for the T-Rex! He thought of how to use the handprints and we used his hands for this one.

When we were finished with handprints, Jonathan painted a volcano with the leftover paint. So colorful!

Handprint Dinosaurs to Make

Have fun making dinosaurs!


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  1. Lisa @ This Pilgrim Life Nov 5, 2015

    What a fun project! We don't do a lot of crafts like this because typically my kids prefer to just do their own ideas, but I think they'd really like this. Thanks for sharing!


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