Make your own craft stick nativity scene!

Kids will love making this craft stick nativity scene, and it looks adorable hanging on a doorknob or on the wall or refrigerator. We love Christmas crafts that kids can make with supplies you already have on hand! Plus, this just makes great decor.

This craft is perfect for elementary age kids to do on their own. Preschoolers will enjoy this craft with adult help.

Supplies Needed for a Craft Stick Nativity Scene:

  • Craft Sticks – 7 per nativity craft
  • Mini popsicle sticks – 2 per craft
  • Cardboard
  • Ribbon
  • Star
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint pens (for the details)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Pencil

This craft is SO simple, and you can adjust it with whatever supplies you have.

Make the Stable:

I started by painting four craft sticks brown. Then I used a little hot glue to glue the sticks together in the shape of a stable.

I wanted a cardboard background for the stable. It’s easiest to glue the sticks together first and then trace the outline of the stable on cardboard.

Cut out your cardboard background and glue it to the stable.

Now you have the perfect surface for attaching Mary, Joseph, and Jesus in the manger.

Make Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus:

I did not get any photos of the steps I used in making Mary, Joseph, or baby Jesus because I was totally making it up as I went along!! But I think you can easily figure this out.

Mary is half a craft stick, plus another segment glued at a 90 degree angle to make it look like she is kneeling down close to the manger.

The manger is two mini popsicle sticks. They work great! When you glue them together like that, there’s a little gap under the stick that’s on top. I slid baby Jesus under that stick just a little.

I used paint pens to decorate each of the people, with the exception of baby Jesus’ swaddling clothes. That was white acrylic paint because my white paint pen did not show up well enough on the craft stick.

I thought about adding some yellow yarn for hay, but decided that I liked the simple look better. However, you may want to add yarn or even little pieces of hay.

I ended up with some blank space at the top of my stable, so I added a banner with “Joy to the World” on it. The banner is just cardboard and white paint! Then I wrote the words with a paint pen.

The star is a wood star sticker that I bought at Hobby Lobby.

Add some ribbon, and you can hang your nativity scene on a doorknob or on the wall!

Need more nativity craft ideas?

These Nativity Story Stones will be used year after year. I have free printable story cards to go with them!

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