Build your own desert with this fun play dough activity for kids! We love adding interesting things to play dough – it makes it a whole new activity every time. This is perfect for a unit on desert animals.

I mixed up some homemade play dough and added real play sand. You can find the recipe here: sand play dough. For this batch, I also added a little bit of brown food coloring. You can see what the play dough looks like without coloring in the link above.

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In addition to our sand play dough, we added desert animals from the Safari Desert Toob and some sticks that I bought at Hobby Lobby in the Christmas section. (Real sticks from the yard would work just fine!)

I made cactuses (cacti?) out of pipe cleaners, and those were a big hit.

Owen made a tunnel for the prairie dog. 🙂

Have fun playing with play dough!


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