Are you familiar with resurrection eggs? They’re plastic Easter eggs that contain items that tell the story of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection. You can buy them or make your own. My mom made her own when my brother and I were little – long before they had them for sale. Every year I think about making a set of eggs, and every year we have a toddler around who will want to open the eggs constantly and lose the items (I’d like to display them on the table). Well, this year I finally came up with a solution – wooden eggs with a picture on them!

I’ve been seeing wooden Easter eggs on Pinterest, like this gorgeous set from Fun at Home with Kids, and I love the look and feel of wooden eggs. However, I’ve been stuck on how to do the picture on each egg. I saw a post go by on Pinterest about decorating wooden eggs with wood burning, and I decided that that might be just the thing!

Wood burning definitely takes some time, but I’m so happy with how these came out.

DIY Resurrection Eggs

If you look at resurrection eggs online, each set varies a little. Here are the images that I included on my eggs.

DIY Resurrection Eggs

#1. A palm branch (or is that a fern?) – The Triumphal Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem.

#2. Bread and wine – The Last Supper and the institution of The Lord’s Supper.

#3. Lamb – Jesus became our Passover Lamb.

DIY Resurrection Eggs #4. Money bag – Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver.

#5. Sword – Judas led an angry mob of Jewish leaders to Jesus in the garden, and Peter cut off the ear of the High Priest’s slave. Jesus healed the ear.

#6. Crown of Thorns.

DIY Resurrection Eggs

#7. Nails – Jesus was nailed to the cross.

#8. Garment – the Jews cast lots for Jesus’ clothes, which fulfilled prophecy.

#9. Cross – the crucifixion.

DIY Resurrection Eggs

#10. The temple veil – the veil was torn in two from top to bottom at Jesus’ death.

#11. Three crosses – two criminals were crucified next to Jesus.

#12. The empty tomb. He is risen!

How I Made the Eggs:

I bought unfinished wooden eggs at Hobby Lobby. They were in the regular wood crafting section, not the Easter section.

I drew the pictures on the eggs with a pencil first and then used a wood burning tool. I don’t have very much experience with a wood burner, and I will say that it took a lot longer than I expected it to! Wood burning must be done slowly. I spent about 2 hours on that part of this project, but I’m 36 weeks pregnant and trying not to go into labor yet, so sitting still was totally on my agenda for that day!

Here’s how they looked after the wood burning:

DIY Resurrection Eggs

I had planned to paint each egg with diluted water color paint, but I was worried about losing the detail of the wood burning. Still, they needed some color. My husband suggested painting the rest of the egg, but leaving the picture unpainted. Great idea!

For the paint, I used this set of higher quality watercolors from Hobby Lobby. (As in, higher quality than the Crayola watercolors we have!)

DIY Resurrection Eggs

The paints are a thick liquid that comes in tubes. You squirt out a little and add water to it. For the blue color, I mixed blue and a little white as the blue that came with the set was a little too dark.

DIY Resurrection Eggs

The finished eggs looked great, but I wanted to seal them since watercolor paints will come off if they get wet. For a sealant, I used Rust-oleum Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover in a clear matte finish. When I sprayed the eggs, the watercolors did bleed a little, giving the eggs a slightly uneven look. I still think they look great, but just be aware that this will happen!

Our eggs are displayed on the kitchen table so that we can look at them and talk about them over the next couple of weeks. We will read the story of Jesus’ crucifixion in each of the gospels. I’m not planning specific devotions to go with each egg since baby girl will be arriving at any time, but the story elements overlap quite a bit anyway.

DIY Resurrection Eggs

Where to find the supplies:

(These are Amazon affiliate links, meaning that if you purchase through the links I will earn a small percentage of the sale at no additional cost to you.)

If crafting is not your thing, you can find Resurrection Eggs on Amazon – definitely the easier way to go!

These wooden eggs are the same size as what I used. They come in packages of 5 – I’d get 3 packs and have some extras in case of bloopers… I needed my extra pack!

Here is a good basic set of watercolors – Reeves 12 ml Watercolors, 12 colors. If you have Hobby Lobby near you, the set I bought there was cheaper at $7.99, plus I used a coupon.

You’ll also need a wood burning pen like this one.

And here is the Rust-oleum spray that I used.

Wood Resurrection Eggs - Tell the Easter Story


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  1. Susana Apr 5, 2014

    Wow, they turned really nice and what a great idea!

  2. Sam Apr 5, 2014

    Wow, Sarah...these are awesome! You could make these for sale! How did you get the paint so perfectly rounded ? I think it's your pure natural talent! And at 36 weeks no less. You're wearing your Proverbs 31 cape, aren't you.....

  3. Alisona Apr 5, 2014

    Tremendous idea - beautifully made

  4. Susan Apr 6, 2014

    What a great idea! Love that they are wooden and will last. I've been wanting to use a wood burner...I don't have one but it's on my some day list. Painting wooden eggs would be fun, too. Best wishes on your new baby...we had an Easter baby last year...March 31.

  5. JDaniel4's Mom Apr 7, 2014

    I really love this! What a great storytelling tool!

  6. Apr 9, 2014

    Sarah, I love this! What a great idea! My oldest just earned his whittling card in scouts, he'd probably like to try whittling the designs:)

  7. Kaye Swain Mar 5, 2016

    What a cool idea! I love the traditional Resurrection Easter Eggs and will probably stick with those. But these are so beautiful! I will have to show them to a woodworker I know. Who knows. I might get both kinds :)

    Have a blessed and beautiful Easter AND thank you for ALL your fun and interesting ideas. I really appreciate your great resources and love to share them with other grandparents! :)


  8. Linda Jan 16, 2018

    Are there images for the other 3 eggs? I only see 9.
    Thank you!

  9. Donna Mar 29, 2018

    What wood burning tool did you use?

  10. Amy Tarvin Mar 29, 2018

    Awesome idea! I admire people who are both creative and able to get things done! I usually get the supplies then lose the idea/pattern...then find the pattern but lose the supplies!?. Happy EASTER and congratulations on your newest blessing!


  11. Cindy Mar 28, 2021

    Thank you so much! These are amazing and such a wonderful teaching tool.

  12. Donna Benson Apr 14, 2021

    Thank you! Made a set and love how they turned out!

  13. Joanna Apr 7, 2023

    Wow! Those are beautiful! I need to get out my wood burning tool and try these.


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