Here’s a fun craft project for kids, and it’s a great fidget toy too! Use wooden cubes and duct tape to make an endless cube that transforms shape again and again. It’s fun to watch and addicting to play with – for any age! Assembling this project takes some concentration, and it’s the perfect project for tweens (age 10+). Younger kids will love playing with the completed cubes.

Want to see how it works?

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We made our endless cubes with 3/4 inch wooden cubes. The smaller rolls of duct tape are also 3/4 inches wide, so it works out perfectly, and you won’t have to do a lot of cutting. Note that the poor reviews on the duct tape are related to people not knowing what size the rolls are. They are small! Price should be around $2/roll. I would buy both of these items at Hobby Lobby, but Amazon is a good option if you don’t have a craft store nearby.

Each cube is built from two identical layers. We used this YouTube video to assemble our cubes. Their version is made from paper, but the process is the same. It’s important to follow the video carefully in order for the cubes to work. If you’re making these with a group, you’ll want to try it out first and make sure you understand the assembly before attempting it with kids. The second one I made was much easier than the first!

Once the cube is assembled, there will be some squares that do not have any tape on them. Cover these squares (each individual square) with duct tape. Don’t tape them together or the cube won’t work!

Here’s the finished cube! The cube will work just fine without covering each side with duct tape, but it’s more fun to cover it completely.

So much fun!

More Ways to Make an Endless Cube

Head over to hello, Wonderful to make a paper endless cube with a different picture on each side.

Build an endless cube out of LEGO bricks over at Lemon Lime Adventures. So cool!

Make a flexi-cube toy from Babble Dabble Do. I love how you can stack these together.


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  1. Hadassah Aug 4, 2017

    Are these actually DUCT tape or are they WIKI tape?

    1. Charity Jun 11, 2020

      I've bought that duct tape from WalMart. Comes in handy in the classroom!

  2. Barb Aug 5, 2017

    Love this idea!

  3. Viet Anh Auto Aug 9, 2017

    so creatve. Great ideal.

  4. Jennifer Jun 29, 2018

    It took 4 or 5 times watching the video, but it works!! Each cube does get easier to make. Thanks!

  5. rosna Oct 19, 2020

    where do u buy the blocks??

    1. Sarah Oct 21, 2020

      I bought ours at a local craft store.


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