Here’s a SUPER simple Easter literacy activity that I did with my kindergartner this week. In this Easter egg hunt, kids will be hunting for a STORY! This activity kept my kids busy for a long time. They used the same story to do at least 3 egg hunts (while I got a few things done), so it was a total win.

This Easter activity is perfect for beginning readers, but it’s also fun for kids who don’t really need the reading practice. They just love hunting for eggs and putting the story together!

Setting up this Easter egg story hunt is very easy! First write a story.

I started by writing a story that I knew Janie could read, or at least read about 80% of the words. As I wrote the story, I divided it into lines that I could cut apart. Each egg will have one story strip in it.

The story does not have to be amazing or long. Just make it something that your beginning reader can handle!

Here’s the story I used. I’m dividing it here in the same way that I divided it for the story strips.

One day, I found a

baby bunny in my yard!

It was so little and soft.

I took him in so that

he would not be cold.

I fed him, and he grew!

Then one day I let him go.

He found some other bunnies

in the woods behind my house.

I was sad to say goodbye, but

he was happy to find friends!

Tip: Try assigning an older child to write a story for a younger one!

Cut your story into strips, and put one in each Easter egg.

Then hide all your eggs!

Kids LOVE to hunt for eggs! We did our hunt indoors because our little puppy will steal the eggs if they are on his level, ha ha.

After finding all eleven eggs, Janie took out all the story strips and lined them up. Then she worked on reading the strips and putting them in order.

This activity was SO much fun! She needed a little help figuring out the story order, but it was so good for her to do.

There are so many ways to do a “learning” Easter egg hunt.

Here are more egg hunt ideas:

  • For preschoolers, hunt for alphabet letters. Work on letter sounds as they open the eggs and find the letters.
  • Hunt for math problems. Have your kids solve the math problems on the slips of paper and trade in correct answers for jelly beans or another treat.
  • Write historical events on strips of paper, and have kids hunt for them and then put them in chronological order.
  • Hunt for single words and put them together to make a sentence.

So many possibilities! Have fun!


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  1. Emma Mar 28, 2020

    I want to thank you for so many wonderful ideas over the years. My son is 7 and we have been trying activities from your blog for at least 4 years. Easter egg hunts are hugely popular at our house so all your ideas for things to put inside are brilliant. We will definitely be doing this multiple times in the next couple of weeks. We build in occupational therapy as well so I’ve got all kinds of ideas for eggs from this one post!

  2. Melodie-Joy Mar 30, 2020

    This is so great, thank you for the wonderful idea. Our family will love doing this.

  3. Jo Apr 6, 2022

    I love the ideas as a Grandma preschool and Grade 1-2 can be a little more challenging than go in the pool.

  4. Kathryn Apr 11, 2022

    This is so cute and I am so excited to try this with my kids when it stops raining! Thank you so much!

  5. Shelley Mar 8, 2023

    I am so excited to try the Easter egg story hunt with a little girl that I tutor. She will be very motivated. Thank you for the original idea!


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