This quick and easy craft involves a few items that we have been using very often here on Frugal Fun for Boys – two toilet paper rolls, a stapler, hole punch, and string!  My oldest son, Aidan,  made binoculars like these in Sunday School when he was 3 (they were watching the sky for Jesus to return, if I remember correctly 🙂 ), and we made some for Gresham today.

First, staple two toilet paper rolls together.

Then punch a hole on each outside edge for the string.

Tie the string on, and voila! Binoculars!

It must be so fun to be four and to be entertained by such simple things!


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  1. Lindsay @ BytesOfMemory Oct 16, 2010

    oo very fun! We need to make some of these my son is always using his hands to make them :-P

  2. Erika Oct 16, 2010

    Just clicked over from Teach_Preschool's tweet about this craft. LOVE it!! This is easy (necessary for me!!) and free, not to mention that my daughter is totally into binoculars right now ... love that she'll have her own pair tomorrow! ;-)

    Thanks so much for sharing! Subscribed now and looking forward to reading more of your ideas!


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