Here is another great preschool idea from the September 2010 edition of Family Fun Magazine!

Tape seven craft sticks together with masking tape.  (Or however many you want!)  Flip over your puzzle, and draw a design on the other side.

Gresham wanted a triceratops, so Daddy drew this one for him.  After seeing how well it turned out, Aidan wanted Dad to make him one too, but I talked him into drawing his own!  His did a cute dinosaur design, but I didn’t get a picture of that one.

Take the tape off, mix up the pieces, and then put together your puzzle!  We are going to store our puzzles in a ziploc bag, and I’m thinking that this would be a great activity to bring along in our diaper bag for when we have errands to run that involve waiting.  Or maybe not… my kids never seem to want to do the things that we bring along to do… I can always hope, right?


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