My preschoolers have always loved playing with plastic Easter eggs!  It’s fun to put little things inside them, and then open and close the eggs.  We’ve also used them to make play dough dinosaur eggs and minions.  Here’s a simple egg stacking game that provides a way to work on fine motor skills through play!  This is a fun activity at home, but would also be a perfect preschool center as well.

Egg Towers!  Fine Motor Balancing Game

How to Make the Game

This egg stacking game is so quick to set up!  I simply hot glued several straws to the top of a cardboard box.  It takes a minute for the glue to cool around the straw – longer than most hot gluing, probably because of the materials involved and also because of how much glue is needed.  I held the straws upright until the glue started to cool.

Once the glue cools the straws are surprisingly sturdy and can hold up to preschool play!

Egg Towers! Fine Motor Balancing Game

I gave Janie a pile of plastic eggs and let her play.  She thought it was really neat!  You can hang the eggs on the straws by their edges, or you can center the egg over the straw.

Egg Towers! A Fine Motor Balancing Game

I showed her that it was possible to stack more than one egg on each straw.  Right after I took this photo, the whole tower fell over, but the beauty of this activity is that it’s funny to stack them and it’s funny when the eggs fall!

Egg Towers! Fine Motor Balancing Game

Jonathan (age 5) is much less naturally inclined to choose fine motor activities, so this was a good game for him too.  He had fun jiggling the box and making everything fall off!

Egg Towers! Fine Motor Balancing Game

Have fun strengthening those fine motor skills!

Egg Towers! Fine Motor Balancing Game


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  1. Maria Mar 31, 2017

    This is cool, this activity will help enhance kids ability of making things perfect with their strategy.


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