Here’s a fun collection of July 4th activities to do with the kids!  I love the fourth of July – all the swimming, cookouts, and fireworks!  It’s fun to make things festive, and some of these activities will be perfect for amusing the kids while you wait for the fireworks to start.

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Patriotic Painted Rocks

We love rock painting!  Paint flag rocks, or decorate one with a star or fireworks.  For the fireworks rock, I found that mixing any color of acrylic paint with a little bit of white makes it a better color for fireworks.  You could also draw on the fireworks with chalk markers.

If you’re just getting started with rock painting, you can read about what types of rocks and paints we use here: 25+ Awesome Rock Painting Ideas.

Build a Flag with LEGO® Bricks

You knew we’d have something LEGO® in here, didn’t you!

Here’s a fun way to build an American flag.  That adorable eagle is from my new LEGO® Outdoor Adventures People Pack. It’s an awesome set – my favorites are the baby and baby carrier, the eagle, and the variety of people.

I attached the stars (1 x 1 white round plates) by using 1 x 1 blue bricks with a stud on the side.

Here’s a simple way to build a tiny flag.

Ping Pong Ball Popper

Here’s a fun project to make and play with while you wait for the fireworks display to start!  We always arrive long before dark to get a good seat, but then there is an hour or so to kill before showtime.

To make each popper, you’ll need a paper cup, a balloon, duct tape, scissors, and a ping pong ball.

Cut the bottom off the cut and the top curved part off the balloon.

Stretch the cut end of the balloon over the cup.  Then tie a knot in the balloon. This will make it easier to hang onto when you shoot the ping pong ball popper.

Use some duct tape to secure the balloon to the cup.  I found that it worked the best to rip the duct tape in half lengthwise.  Add some stickers for decoration, or just play with it like it is.

To shoot it, load a ping pong ball into the cup. Pull back on the balloon…

And then let go!  So fun!

Sparkly Stars Tic Tac Toe

I put this game together with stuff we had around the house, plus a pack of star stickers from Hobby Lobby.

I had some wood disks in my craft closet (1.5 inch size) and I stuck a star sticker on each one.  I made 5 stars in each color.

Then I made a 6″ x 6″ game board out of a piece of craft foam.  So simple!

The whole game fits in a quart size ziplock bag so we can bring it along to watch fireworks.

We also like to bring some glow sticks along when we head to the fireworks.  Walmart has packs of them for $1 or so near the party supplies.

Have a wonderful 4th!


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  1. Emily Jun 29, 2020

    This was fun !

  2. Kathy Davis Jul 3, 2021

    What great ideas! Going to try the ping pong popper tomorrow at the church picnic!


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