I was inspired by Red Ted Art’s Blog to make fall tree paintings with the boys, and they turned out great!  We did this project over two days.  On the first day, we painted the sky, ground, and clouds.  I took the boys outside to show them that the sky appears to go all the way down to the ground – there is not white space in between!  We let the sky dry a little before adding some white clouds.  Then we put the papers aside to dry.

On the second day, we added a construction paper tree, and then painted fall colored leaves on the tree and the ground.

This is Gresham’s (age 5).  I cut out the tree for him, but he did all the painting himself!

Aidan (3rd grade) did his completely on his own!   I was very happy with the results, since he usually tends to rush through things.  He really took his time on this one, and it paid off!

On Red Ted Art, they made a tree for each season, and now they have a collection of four pictures.  She used identical tree cut-outs each time, and they really look nice!  I’m thinking we’ll be repeating this project in the winter, spring, and summer!


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  1. maggy, red ted art Nov 5, 2011

    Oh my! These turned out so so soooooo lovely! Am so pleased you made these :-)))))) we love ours too. I think they are our main arty "keepsake" for 2011!


  2. Jane @ Mama Pea Pod Nov 5, 2011

    Ooh, they look lovely! We are working on some too, also inspired by Red Ted Art's beautiful 4 seasons ones!

  3. Taneil Lawton Nov 12, 2011

    Some of my children did this type of project, but it was with finger paints. They put their hand and part of their arm in brown paint, then put their arm and hands on the paper to make the tree branches and trunk. Then they used their fingers to put brown, red and yellow leaves on the trees.


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