Last month I shared some of our favorite picture books, and I have some more to add to the list! If you missed the first post on picture books for boys, you can find it here.

My oldest son reminded me of this book today, because his Grandma and he had been quoting from it yesterday.  That’s the fun of sharing good children’s literature – phrases from the book become inside jokes (and expand your child’s vocabulary)!  Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch by Trinka Hakes Noble is a hilarious story of Rancher Hicks trip into town to find some excitement and all of the wildly exciting things that happen back at the ranch while he is gone.  My boys love the exaggeration and silliness.  Another great story by Trinka Hakes Noble is The Day Jimmy’s Boa Ate the Wash.

We have enjoyed several books by Bill Peet.  Chester the Worldly Pig is a tale of a pig who really wants to amount to something, and so he decides to join the circus.  However, he discovers that the circus is not all that fun after all.  He leaves the circus and finds a farm to live on, but soon a man comes and buys him to put in his show, because as Chester has grown, an amazing map of the world has appeared in his spots!  This is a great story about just being yourself.  Other tales by Bill Peet are The Caboose who Got Loose and The Ant and the Elephant.

We love many of the “I Can Read” books (like the Little Bear books – classic must-reads!).  In No Fighting, No Biting, Cousin Joan cannot read her book because Willy and Rosa are squeezing and bothering and all the other things that children do when they are supposed to sit still.  Cousin Joan tells them a story about two little alligators who have to learn to stop fighting so that they won’t get eaten!

And one more… If you have a vehicle fan at your house, you may enjoy Otis by Loren Long.  This is a cute story of a tractor who thought he had been replaced by a newer model, but in the end still had a very important place at the farm.

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Your Turn – What are your favorite picture books?

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