This easy DIY play food spaghetti dinner doesn’t require sewing, and the materials are super cheap. In fact, you might have most of what you need around the house! Make spaghetti (recycle a pasta box to store it in – so fun), spaghetti sauce, and a felt salad. This will inspire hours of pretend play!

Last night, I sat down with a skein of off-white yard, some felt, and a pair of scissors. And that’s pretty much all there was to it.

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I took the photo in the grass because I was outside watching the kids play with neighbors. It made a nice relaxing evening project, and Janie enjoyed sitting with me and having an opinion about how everything should look. She was very impressed with the real pasta box and filled it up with “spaghetti” as I cut.

I cut out pieces of lettuce in two different colors of green. Then I cut orange circles for carrots, red ovals for cherry tomatoes, mushroom slices, and yellow bell pepper slices. The brown felt is not a solid color – more of a heather brown look, which is perfect for mushrooms. I bought all the felt at Hobby Lobby.

The spaghetti was simple – I just cut the yarn into segments. I was inspired by Happy Toddler Playtime’s Yarn Kitchen to use yarn for play food. Brilliant idea! This blog is full of fun toddler ideas, so you’ll want to check it out.

For sauce, I cut out red puddle shapes. It doesn’t really pour like sauce does, but it works! And it’s not messy! Ha. I had a box for the pasta, so I wanted a container for the sauce too. I found an empty plastic jar in our blogging supplies box and used that. It was a jar of colored sand. I made a new label by hot gluing a piece of paper to the old label.

Then it was time to play! We had fun cooking the spaghetti. Janie put the sauce in a pan too and put that in the oven, LOL.

Owen set the table and Janie served the food. We used some little tongs for serving, which was perfect. These are also from Hobby Lobby, but it was several months ago that I bought them. I bet they still have something similar though!

“Here, Jonathan, you get a bunch!”

Our play kitchen gets a lot of use from all three younger kids, and it has held up well. We have the KidKraft Red Retro Kitchen, and it has held up really well.

Also pictured – we used the Melissa and Doug Pots and Pans (love them!) and the Melissa and Doug Dish Set (comes with a dish drying rack.

Honestly, though, you can play with this spaghetti dinner with any household bowls and plates. If you don’t have a play kitchen, draw a burner on a cardboard box!

Have fun playing with play food!


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