Here’s another idea that like my last post has been floating all around Pinterest! I pinned one version of salt and glue painting from One Perfect Day. We’ve had this on our list to try for quite a while now, and Owen was wanting to do some type of fireworks project, so I decided to try fireworks with glue, salt, and watercolors!

I will say that the finished product is not as pretty when it dries as it is during the actual painting. It was also a bit crumbly when dry. So this art is all about the process and not necessarily the finished product! However, the process was very engaging for the kids. All three older boys really enjoyed this project.

First, draw a design with white glue.

*Note: We started with construction paper, and it got too soggy! We switched to white posterboard and had much better results.

Fireworks paintings with salt, glue, and watercolors

Then, sprinkle salt all over the glue. Use a generous amount and shake off the excess.

Fireworks paintings with salt, glue, and watercolors

Then, use a paint brush or a dropper to drip watercolor paint onto the salt and glue lines. The paint spreads along the lines and makes a neat effect!

We used brushes, and I think it would be fun to do it again with droppers.

Fireworks paintings with glue, salt, and watercolors

Aidan had fun making a pattern on his firework.

Fireworks painting with salt, glue, and watercolors

The finished paintings:

Fireworks paintings with salt, glue, and watercolors

Happy Fourth of July!


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  1. Agnes Shaikh Jun 25, 2017

    did you have to wait for the glue to dry with the salt on it before you added the paint? If so,how long of a wait did you have to do? Will this be a one day project or a 2 day project?


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