Has spring fever set in? Not to worry! This flower garden multiplication activity feels more like play (and art) than work. Put those worksheets aside and grab some dice, paper, and markers.

This activity is perfect for second graders who are learning the concept of multiplication (or grouping) here at the end of the year, or for third graders (and up) who could use more multiplication practice.

Supplies Needed for the Flower Garden Multiplication Activity:

  • Paper
  • Markers
  • Dice – 2

How to do the Flower Garden Multiplication Activity:

This activity is sooooo simple!

First, divide your paper into four sections. We did this by folding the paper in half lengthwise and then opening it again and folding it in half widthwise. I traced the fold lines with a marker just to make it easier to see.

Now roll the dice. Add up the total number of dots between the two dice to find out how many stems to draw.

Then roll the dice again to see how many petals to draw on each flower.

After you draw the petals, write a math sentence that expresses the total number of petals.

Stems x petals on each flower = total petals.

Continue this process until you have filled up all the sections on your paper!

It would be fun to make a class chart with all of the multiplication sentences created.

If you’re working with beginners, have them use one dice. That will limit your multiplication facts to smaller numbers, which is perfect for kids who are just starting out.

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