Take your pretend play vet clinic up a notch with these fun printable sign-in sheets and doctor’s exam notes pages! This is such an easy way to add some writing practice to a favorite pretend play activity. Plus, kids will be so pleased to have forms to fill out just like real medical offices.

We grabbed our play doctor kit and a few other basic first aid supplies to set up our vet clinic. The self-adhering bandages were a big hit, and I love the fact that they are reusable. I bought the size that says it’s for fingers, and it was the perfect size for wrapping up toy stuffed pets.

Our doctor kit is this Melissa and Doug Get Well Doctor’s Kit. It’s really well made and came with so many things! Janie thinks the eye chart is a lot of fun, although we didn’t put it out for this because pets don’t need an eye chart. Ha!

There is one printable form for signing in to the clinic. The pet owner should fill this one out.

Then the vet can fill out the doctor’s notes after examining the pet. My kids had fun making up a diagnosis and deciding what medicine to prescribe! They don’t know many medicine names, so that was funny.

This activity is perfect for kids age 4 and up. Preschoolers don’t have to write or spell correctly! It’s great pre-writing practice. And older kids will enjoy filling in “grown up” answers.

In our world of kids growing up so fast… don’t be afraid to keep pretend play around! My 8 and 10 year olds had so much fun with this. Sure, the 10 year old was only playing to make his sister happy, but he had a great time in spite of himself. I’m happy to let them be kids! In just a few short years, we’ll be on to middle school and new challenges.

Also, YES, the dogs in this post are Pound Puppies! Just like the 1980’s! Target carries them, and they are just like the originals. We’ve also purchased a few Pound Puppies on Amazon. Just be aware that the babies should be $7.99 and the adults should be $17.99. Amazon’s prices can be inflated…

Ready to print your Vet Pretend Play Medical Forms?

Visit the link below. The file will open, and you can print from there.

FILE HERE: Vet Pretend Play Medical Forms


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