Genius LEGO Inventions with Bricks You Already Have – Video Demonstrations

Watch video demonstrations of the projects in Genius LEGO® Inventions with Bricks You Already Have. The projects are in the same order as the book. The chapter titles are in bold.

Marvelous Moving Robots

Ryder the Robot

Satellite the Robot

Turbo the Transforming Robot

Emma the Robot

Radio the Robot

Marvelous Mini Robots

Terrific Mechanical Toys

Flywheel Car

Monkey Ladder

Silly Spinning Flower Garden

Power Shot Rubber Band Gun

Animated Drummer

Rosie the Rocking Horse

Rover the Eye-Rolling Dog

Curious Contraptions

Candy Machine

Coin Bank

Balancing Nothing

Wind-up Catapult

Speedy Spinner

Ball Stairs Circuit

Marble Spiral

Crazy Marble Sorting Contraption

Long Distance Race Car

Amazing Balancing Bird

Powerful Pulleys

Invent and Imagine

Construction Crane

Hard Working Dump Truck

Scissor Lift

Powerful Rock Hauler

Minifigure Merry-Go-Round

Ballroom Dance Floor

Coastal Drawbridge

Medieval Knight Duel

Deep Forest Treasure Cave

Professor Fiddlesticks’ Crazy Car

Professor Fiddlesticks’ Wacky Tree House

Construct & Compete Buildable Games

Super Hoops Basketball Game

3-D Marble Maze Cube

Target Practice Brick Tower

Epic Pinball

Minifigure Bowling Alley