This post is the Ultimate Gift Guide for 10 to 13 year old boys! We’ve got more than 35 gift ideas to help you get your shopping done.

If you have a boy in your life in the 10 to 13 year old age group, you probably know that they are not the easiest people to shop for! When you’re not quite a kid and not quite a teen, it can be tough to know what to do with yourself. I currently have boys that are 16, 13, 10, and almost 8. We’ve compiled a list of our best suggestions for gifts that boys will love!

Obviously, electronics are big for this age group. For this list, I decided to focus on mostly non-technology related items since it’s probably easy to figure out what video games or devices are on your child’s list!

This post contains Amazon Affiliate links, which means that if you purchase through the links, I will receive a small percentage of the sale at no additional cost to you.

This post was originally published in November 2014 and updated in December 2019.

The Ultimate Gift Guide for 10-13 Year Old Boys

Toys and Collections

Models – When shopping for models, keep in mind that some of them require painting and glue, while others don’t. We’ve had good success with the Maisto Assembly Line models. These models are pre-painted and snap together. My son was happy with it because he was interested in displaying the car, not necessarily in the building process. Some kids may enjoy painting a model, but he didn’t want to mess with it!

Gift Ideas for 10-13 Year Old Boys

Hot Wheels/ Matchbox – Some kids enjoy collecting Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars. At this stage, it’s about the makes and models of cars, not about driving them around on the floor. 🙂

Star Wars Collectibles

We love the Star Wars Black Series 6 inch figures. They are so detailed and posable! Amazon’s prices are all over the place since these are sought after by collectors, but the list price is $19.99 for most. I like to pay $15 on sale.

Here are some of our favorites: Darth Vader, Han Solo, Poe Dameron, Kylo Ren, and Finn.

Gift Ideas for 10-13 Year Old Boys

LEGO – Some kids never outgrow LEGO, so this may still be an option. LEGO Technic sets provide more of a building challenge for older kids, although my boys still enjoy regular LEGO sets because of the minifigures. The LEGO Technic sets have moving parts, and some of the sets have gears. I have been impressed at how the mechanisms are similar to real machines!

My boys have also enjoyed the LEGO Speed Champions set, such as this LEGO Speed Champions Corvette Set.

The LEGO Architecture sets are also fun for older kids. Build a detailed model of a real landmark, such as the London Skyline.

I would also love to recommend our book, Genius LEGO Inventions with Bricks You Already Have. This book is perfect for tweens and teens. Every project has moving parts, and there is science and engineering information included throughout the book. Build a candy machine, various robots with moving parts, a working crane, a transforming car, and more!

Gift Ideas for 10-13 Year Old Boys


Even big kids can still play with Nerf! (Hey, even Dad likes Nerf!) The Strongarm Blaster and the Jolt are super fun and a great price. Aidan enjoys designing different types of targets for Nerf. Plastic cups make especially great targets!

Gift Ideas for 10-13 Year Old Boys

Board Games

Gift Ideas for 10-13 Year Old Boys Great games for older kids: Clue, Monopoly, Monopoly Empire (own top brands!), Stratego, Risk

Our family also enjoys the Settlers of Catan board game.

Gift Ideas for 10-13 Year Old Boys

Keva Planks – The box says ages 7+, but this building set is even better for ages 9+. My preschool boys like to build with these planks, but older kids can make some really amazing structures! Building requires patience and a steady hand.

We own the Keva Contraptions sets, but there are several other sets as well.

Gift Ideas for 10-13 Year Old Boys

We just recently discovered Gravitrax! This marble run set is really amazing, and fun for older kids. My 16 year old son enjoys setting up different marble courses, even if no one younger is playing with it. It’s very well designed! We recommend the Gravitrax Starter Set.

Gift Ideas for 10-13 Year Old Boys

Skateboard – A good quality skateboard is worth spending a little more money on as the wheels roll soooo much better and the board is easier to control.

My boys enjoy having a longboard because the require less effort for traveling long distances. Longboards don’t work well for skateboard tricks or use at skate parks, but they are great for cruising around the neighborhood. This Magneto Longboard is a great option.

Ping Pong – No space to store a ping pong table? This Franklin table tennis net expands to fit any size table, and then clamps on. We enjoy using our ping pong set on dark winter nights!

Gift Ideas for 10-13 year old boys

Tools and Gadgets

Walkie-Talkies – Get some that are real, not toys, and that have a decent range. My 10 year old loves taking walkie talkies to our homeschool co-op so he can use them with friends.

These walkie-talkies are for kids, but are a good price and have good reviews.

Tool Set – Aidan enjoyed receiving his own tool box last year with a hammer, a wrench, a couple of screw drivers, and a tape measure. This is something that can be added to in the future.

Flashlight – My son’s opinion is that you can never own too many flashlights!

Pocketknife or Multi-Tool – Obviously this is something where you have to know your child and make a decision about what age is best to own a pocketknife. All of our boys have been allowed to get one at age 10.

Gift Ideas for 10-13 Year Old Boys Aidan’s first pocketknife was this Victorinox Swiss Army Classic. He loooooooves whipping out the scissors to cut tags off items when we’re out, and opening packages for me with the knife! Basically, any excuse to use it is great. Older kids may want to move up to a larger Leatherman Multi-Tool. You can get a nylon sheath for the Leatherman, which would be useful.

This hammer multi-tool is really cool too.


Gift Ideas for 10-13 Year Old Boys

If your son is past the age of losing or breaking things (sigh), he might enjoy owning a quality watch. This Timex Expedition Watch is pretty cool, and a good size for kids this age.

Survivor Dry Box – These waterproof lockable boxes are useful for storing gear on a camping trip, or even just in your bedroom if you happen to share a room with your toddler brother. We may get Aidan one of these for Christmas so that he can safely store his pocket knife and other valuables.

Gift Ideas for Boys


Two years ago, I bought my then 11 year old (child #2) a Canon Rebel T6, which is their entry level DSLR. The current model is now the Canon Rebel T7. These are great cameras! We have found it to be well worth the investment.

Gift Ideas for 10-13 Year Old Boys

Tinkering Supplies – Create a kit for building or tinkering. Or, tuck a couple of these items in a stocking!

  • Duct tape
  • Zip ties
  • String
  • PVC pipe cut into different lengths, joints
  • Low temp glue gun
  • Screws, bolts, nuts
  • Nails and boards
  • Tin foil
  • Rolls of Scotch tape or masking tape

Art Supplies

  • Paint
  • Drawing paper/sketch book
  • Colored pencils – For the serious artist, Prisma Colors are worth every penny!


Kids will love reading The Mysterious Benedict Society series! These books are full of exciting and quirky adventures involving logic, math, crazy machines, and villains to defeat.

This Star Wars Character Encyclopedia is perfect for the Star Wars fan. There are full color photos and loads of facts for just about every character!

Gift Ideas for 10-13 Year Old Boys

Star Wars Folded Flyers is a fun book with paper Star Wars planes to make. One thing to note is that although it says “make 30 paper starfighters,” there are not 30 different designs. There are 6 designs with 5 copies of each. Still, it’s a fun book!

Another fun option: The World Record Paper Airplane Book. The benefit of this one is that you can keep going with your own paper.

Gift Ideas for 10-13 Year Old Boys

Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things is a favorite book at our house! This book is full of projects to make using materials from around the house. We used this book to make plastic out of milk – lots of fun!

Gift Ideas for Boys Ages 10-13

Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction shows how to build all kinds of contraptions out of office supplies. This book has some great projects! The catapult pictured on the front cover is a lot of fun. It also has some projects that could potentially be dangerous, so supervision is definitely needed.

Gift Ideas for Boys Ages 10-13

Non-Stuff Type Gifts

A lot of guys don’t really need or want a lot of “stuff.” Here are some ideas for experience gifts:

  • Drum or Guitar lessons
  • Archery lessons
  • Art classes
  • Tae Kwon Do classes
  • Movie Tickets
  • Gift Card for Sonic, Starbucks, etc.
  • iTunes Card

What gift suggestions can you add to this list?

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Boys Ages 10-13


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  1. sarahelisabeth Nov 17, 2014

    Useful list! Finding presents for 14 year old boys is also causing me some trouble! The tickets sound like a good idea.

  2. Carolyn E Nov 17, 2014

    Thanks for the ideas...added a few to my list for my 12 year old!

  3. Jan Nov 18, 2014

    I would love a pocket knife! This are also great gifts for girls too :) I'm a girl, and I would loooooooveeeee a pocket knife :)

  4. Katharine wise Nov 21, 2014

    Great ideas. When you mentioned duct tape, it reminded me of this website I recently heard great things about which seems to mesh with your family's interests, too. They are books (or CD) for making period-based weapons and armor out of duct tape. My boys will be getting the Knight version.

  5. Justice Dec 22, 2014

    I only added the nerd gun to my wish list

  6. Justice Dec 22, 2014

    Woops! Nerf gun lol

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  9. Father of 3 boys Dec 2, 2017

    My boys love having Nerf wars around the house. I join in. We play you get 3 lives each, if you get hit in the leg its lost and you have to hop around. Only head or torso shots are fatal. Great fun.
    For a quieter activity my kids lately have been enjoying "The Amazing Annoyatron". Its a kids coding and electronics toy with 20 projects for the boys to build. They've had fun pranking me.

    1. Bruce L Johnson Dec 15, 2017

      My sister and brother in law have 4 boys. Number 2 is 13 and is very destructive. One third of his Christmas presents are broken the same day. Is there anything out there that is made to explode without pyrotechnics?

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  13. Jules Dec 12, 2019

    Amazing list - some fantastic ideas there thank you so much! Now I just need one for 5 year old girls!!

  14. Judi S Dec 12, 2019

    When my son was that age, he loved anything with sports. Jerseys, t-shirts, equipment, tickets to a game. Don't forget college teams too not just the pros. Family members would take him to games or pay for his fee to join a team or lessons.

  15. Carol Nov 23, 2020

    These are some great ideas and I thank you for them. Some other things I can think of are RC cars/drones (a video drone could be a ton of fun), house shoes/robe, clothes, an Alexa for their room, a trampoline (#1 on my kids’ wish list) a nice quality scooter, lazer tag, and for the gamer types: new iPhone/iPad case, headset, tshirts/hoodies from their favorite YouTuber/Gamer, Xbox, r-bucks or v-bucks gift cards.


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