Here’s a fun Christmas craft for kids – create your own gingerbread house! You probably have most of the materials already, but if not, they are not difficult to get. Craft sticks, craft foam, paint, glue, and stickers… such fun things!

Add magnets to the back of your gingerbread houses and display them on the fridge, or glue some ribbon on the back and hang them.

I made one of these as an example, and the younger three kids all exclaimed over how cute they are! Janie and Jonathan had a great time designing their own gingerbread houses. I’d recommend this craft for ages 4+ with adult help. Kids ages 8+ will be able to do almost all of it themselves.

Materials Needed:

  • Craft sticks – we used the jumbo ones. You’ll need 5 sticks per house.
  • Brown craft foam
  • Red craft foam
  • Glue – Tacky Glue or hot glue
  • Christmas candy stickers – we found ours at Hobby Lobby
  • Pipe cleaners
  • A button for the doorknob
  • White felt for the window (optional)

We found these two types of Christmas candy stickers at Hobby Lobby, but we ended up only using the ones on the left. The ones on the right were a little too big, but I’m sure we’ll find something to do with them!

To make the gingerbread house, first paint 3 craft sticks brown and 2 sticks white.

I used the craft sticks to create the shape of the brown craft foam.

First, I laid the sticks out to create a house shape. Then I traced around them on a sheet of craft foam. I also used a pencil to mark the excess on the white sticks, and then I trimmed off the ends.

Cut out a door for your gingerbread house. Then cut a pipe cleaner to outline the door. This is not an essential step, but we thought it looked cute!

Glue the craft sticks to the edges of the craft foam. I assembled them with hot glue, but if kids want to do this step themselves, Tacky Glue works quite well.

Glue on the roof pieces and the door. We cut out chimneys and glued them to the back.

For the window, cut a rectangle from white felt. Then cut 3 pipe cleaner segments that are the same length as the width of the window and 3 that are the same length as the height.

Janie enjoyed decorating her gingerbread house with stickers! She also glued some snowflakes along the bottom. Buttons would also work well. Use any Christmas craft items you have on hand!

Here are our finished gingerbread houses. So cute! I hadn’t even thought of the magnet idea until I sat down to write this post, but I think I’ll put magnets on these so we can put them on the refrigerator! I can add magnets to our gingerbread men stickers too, and then the kids will have little people to play with too.

Have fun Christmas crafting!


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  1. Charlotte Nov 3, 2019

    This is adorable! I’ve always loved the fable and will be pairing this with the book w my grandchildren! Thank you!!

  2. Milford Sharon Nov 21, 2020

    Thanks so much, love this! I like to make little parcel decorations for our family, looks perfect!!
    I'm so sorry Janie has covid and I wish her a speedy recovery and hope all the rest of you stay healthy. Thinking of you.


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