If you’ve followed this site for very long, you know that we love building marble runs. We’ve done LEGO marble runs and cardboard box marble runs. We own the Q-Ba Maze marble run, and we really like it, but when I saw the Gravitrax set at a local store, my first impression was that it would be easier to build. And it IS. This is a set that we would highly recommend.

This is not a sponsored review, it’s just a product that I wanted to try. I bought one and let my kids try it, and now I’m sharing my thoughts with you! However, this post does contain Amazon affiliate links, which means that I earn through qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you.

Gravitrax is an awesome STEM toy! The way Gravitrax works is that you build a marble run layout on a set of 4 cardboard baseplates. The baseplates have hexagonal shaped holes. Each of the plastic marble run components has a hexagonal bottom that fits right into the base. Kids can add height to their track by placing height tiles under the curve pieces.

The Gravitrax Starter Set comes with instructions for building several different track layouts, or kids can design their own.

Because kids can so easily change the grade of the rails and experiment with the track design, this toy really encourages experimentation. Kids will learn a lot about speed, gravity, and force. Sometimes my boys would set up a track, and the marble would zoom over the sides of the rails. So they would figure out that they should have less slope and make the necessary adjustments. Thinking and improvising are required to build a successful track, but the toy is not frustrating.

One of our favorite aspects of this toy is the cool accessories that come with the track. The component above releases marbles. You can load up to 3 marbles (one on each side), and then the marbles roll out when you push down on the top.

The magnetic marble canon is really awesome. Place a marble or two on the far side of the magnetic canon. When a marble rolls down the track, it will hit the canon and propel a marble from the other side so that it zooms down the track! You can see it in action in our video sample.

Want to see Gravitax in action?

As part of our Gravitrax review, we put together a quick video to show you how this STEM toy works. In the second half of the video (it’s only 1.5 minutes total), you can see my 10 year old building a new track layout. Hopefully this will give you a good idea of how the pieces fit together. You can also see how his track didn’t work, and then he quickly fixed it.

Click the play button below to see the video.

Order Gravitrax Here: This is the Gravitrax Starter Set that we ordered.

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  1. Luca Feb 5, 2020

    This really looks like a cool building project!

  2. Mary Jo Nov 7, 2020

    My 10 year old son just received a starter set fir his birthday this week. He loves it! Very good quality also.


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