Today we have are having torrential rain in north Texas! The boys were getting rather wild, and I decided that they needed something to do. We got the idea for this listening game from the Curious George TV series on PBS kids. In between episodes, they always show a clip of a real class participating in a science or math activity. Being a teacher, that’s always my favorite part of the show!

This game is simple. Set up some type of barrier – we used a card table on its side. Have one person (the listener) sit on one side. Another person makes noises on the other side. The listener has to guess what sound he heard!

Here are some of the sounds we used:

  • A stapler stapling paper
  • An electric pencil sharpener
  • A triangle (musical instrument)
  • Velcro on a shoe being opened
  • Brushing teeth
  • Keys jingling
  • A pen clicking open and closed
  • Shaking a box of colored pencils
  • A bell

And since we finished the game I have thought of:

  • Filling the metal dog food bowl
  • The water dispenser of the fridge
  • An alarm clock
  • Twanging a rubber band

This is a fun game for a wide variety of ages, and something that mom and dad can enjoy too! It was fun to think of sounds that would be hard (but not impossible) to guess!

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