After I wrote the title of this post, I decided that these aren’t exactly handprints. But hand-outline turkeys didn’t sound very cute. So I’m calling them handprint turkeys. I guess if you really want a handprint, you can make them with paint, but colored pencils were more the level of mess that I was looking for today. (Actually, we did paint too, but with brushes and not hands!)


Gresham enjoyed coloring in these turkeys, and now I have an adorable reminder of the Thanksgiving that he was 4.

Gresham can write his name now! I thought I’d stick that in since I posted here about him learning to write his name!

Looking for some more turkey ideas?

We are hoping to make these cute rice krispy treat turkeys this week!

This button turkey is a great activity for preschoolers.

And here are some printable Thanksgiving alphabet pages for preschoolers.


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  1. Julia Nov 19, 2010

    So cute. I'm definitely going to try that with Alyssa next week. Thanks for the great idea!


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