How to Make a Guitar Pick Necklace

This simple project was all Aidan’s idea, and it turned out great!

We bought some leather cord on clearance at Hobby Lobby once upon a time, and he wanted Dad to drill a hole in a guitar pick so that he could make a necklace. We weren’t sure if the drill would break the pick, but it worked just fine!

Guitar Pick Necklace

We bought some jewelry rings at Hobby Lobby – they are 12 mm heavy gauge jump rings.

Guitar Pick Necklace

You can make the leather cord whatever length you want and even add a clasp. Aidan just tied a knot and made it long enough that he can slip it over his head.

School is out, and this guy doesn’t do “down time” well, so I have him busy making old school friendship bracelets now. He thinks they’re great! That might be our next post… 🙂


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  1. Isaac Dec 5, 2020

    This was amazing! I play guitar, and I thought this was cool!


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