Aidan has been making dragons from How to Train Your Dragon 2 on his Rainbow Loom!

How to Train Your Dragon 2 Rainbow Loom

Aidan found a series called “How to Loom Your Dragon” on Youtube.  These are awesome designs, but definitely not for beginners! The Stormfly/Nadder tutorial is 70 minutes long!  These two dragons are the “baby” versions.  The adult versions are impressive but use more bands than I am going to buy right now. 🙂

Here’s what he used:

Stormfly/Nadder Tutorial (Baby)

Whispering Death (Baby) – This one is fairly simple, as far as these dragons go!

Also from How to Loom Your Dragon:

Toothless (Baby)

Terror (Baby)

She also has some impressive dinosaurs and other animals.  I personally love the owls!  Maybe I can get Aidan to make me one for Mother’s Day… 🙂


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