Here’s another fun alphabet activity for kids – alphabet bingo! This game is simple to make with materials you have on hand, and my preschooler loved it.

Learn Your Letters Alphabet Bingo Game

I made bingo cards with 16 letters on each card. I wanted each card to have a nice assortment of letters, but not the entire alphabet so that Jonathan would have to figure out whether his card had that letter or not.

Learn Your Letters Alphabet Bingo Game

We used LEGO bricks for the bingo markers. I keep a box of square bricks in our school room for counting, patterns, etc. They’re very handy!

Then I cut little squares of paper and wrote all the letters on them for the caller to use. Gresham was happy to be the caller. Owen was happy to play along with Jonathan (the one who needs to learn the letters), and Janie had a great time covering up random letters. Fun for everyone!

Learn Your Letters Alphabet Bingo Game

Jonathan was so happy to get a bingo!

Learn Your Letters Alphabet Bingo

It’s always a win when learning feels more like play.

Learn Your Letters Alphabet Bingo Game


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  1. Bingo Mummy Jul 10, 2016

    Oh wow, that looks like a lot of fun! And the boys look so happy! :-)

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