Celebrate the New Year with this fun LEGO building project! Build a ball drop and celebrate when the clock strikes midnight. (Or celebrate with a different time zone and then put the kids to bed! We don’t usually make it to midnight.)

This is such a fun project, but simple enough for kids to build on their own. Challenge the kids to make one for New Year’s Eve!

Here’s what the top of the tower looks like. We put two 2 x 4 tiles on each side to make a slot for the ball tray to slide through.

The tray is 6 studs wide, so it’s not a tight fit. But it holds up the ping pong ball with no problem.

After making the tray, just build up the rest of the tower, leaving a slot on each side. We didn’t go up much higher after putting in the tray. Just enough to keep the ping pong ball from rolling off.

So much fun! If you don’t have a ping pong ball, this also works well with a bouncy ball.

Happy New Year!


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