It’s Labor Day weekend and there are some great deals on LEGO sets from Amazon! Also, LEGO has released the 2022 Advent Calendars, and there are some good ones. Woo hoo!

If you’ve followed this site for very long, you know that we love LEGO sets! But we also love getting a good deal on them. I have combed through Amazon looking for the best discounts, and there are quite a few!

As always, I have checked prices against to make sure that Amazon’s sale prices are truly a deal. Watch out for sets that have been discontinued or are in low supply… the price on Amazon will almost always become very inflated.

Also, Amazon changes their prices often. If you click on a set and it’s not the price that I said it was, the supply has probably dropped and the price went up. But I bet you’ll be able to snag these good deals!

This post contains Amazon affiliate links which means that I earn from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you.

lego deals on amazon

Star Wars and Harry Potter

The LEGO Star Wars 501st Legion Clone Troopers is on sale for $24.00, marked down from $29.99.

The LEGO Star Wars Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing is on sale for $39.99, marked down from $49.99. I love this set because it’s a reasonable price, but still detailed enough to be super cool.

The LEGO Harry Potter Polyjuice Potion Mistake is on sale for $15.99, marked down from $19.99.

The LEGO Harry Potter Hogsmeade Village Visit is on sale for $77.23, marked down from $89.99. This set is adorable! Comes with Honeydukes and The Three Broomsticks. A great one to put away for Christmas!

The LEGO Harry Potter Astronomy Tower is on sale for $80.00, marked down from $99.99.


The LEGO City Wildlife ATV is on sale for $8.97, marked down from $9.99. This comes with two little monkeys!

I highly recommend the LEGO City Horse Transporter! It’s $23.99, marked down from $29.99.

The LEGO City Car Transporter is on sale for $24.99, marked down from $29.99. This is a really neat set!

The LEGO City Police Highway Arrest is on sale for $23.99, marked down from $29.99. This one is cool because it comes with two vehicles.

Need basic bricks for creative building? The classic sets are great for that. When I say basic bricks, though, I don’t mean just regular bricks. There are tons of special pieces in these sets!

The LEGO Classic Creative Ocean Fun is on sale for $16.99, marked down from $19.99. This is only 5 cents per brick!

The LEGO Classic Bricks and Wheels is on sale for $35.99, marked down from $39.99. This is a great way to get a lot of wheels and other fun pieces.

The LEGO Classic Around the World set is on sale for $38.64, marked down from $49.99. This is a FABULOUS deal at only 4 cents per brick!

Notable NEW Sets!

The LEGO Speed Champions 001 Aston Martin is SO COOL. This set is not on sale yet as it’s brand new, but it’s totally worth the $19.99 price. Two of my kids have bought this one.

The new LEGO 3-in-1 Viking Ship ($119.99) is also super cool. Besides the ship, you can build two other cool Viking scenes! (Not all at the same time, of course.)

We also love the LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Noodle Shop. SO CUTE! We actually saw this one at Costco for a great price.

And then, the new 2022 ADVENT CALENDARS are here! Yay!

The prices are $5 higher this year, and the builds seem a bit smaller. But still some cool stuff! The City Advent Calendar has some fun elements and seems like the best value to me. But it depends on what your kids like!

LEGO City Advent Calendar – the skater is fun, and I love the little pony!

LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar – builds seem smaller this year, but it does have a lot of minifigures

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar – lots of fun mini ships

LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy Advent Calendar – I have no opinions on this one as I don’t love Guardians of the Galaxy, haha.

LEGO Friends Advent Calendar – some fun kid-size mini dolls, and an adorable reindeer!


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