Today is not Lego Fun Friday (next week is), but I wanted to let you all know about the Ultimate Lego Building Set on sale at Amazon for $19.97!  The regular price on this set is $29.99.

Ultimate Lego Building Set

This set is great, especially if you are just getting starting on Legos!  We have this tub – it comes with a good collection of basic bricks plus wheels, a door and windows for a house, and a minifigure workman complete with tools.  If I’m remembering correctly, it also comes with a little booklet with ideas to build.

We also have the Bricks and More Builders of Tomorrow Set, which contains only basic blocks (650 of them!).  It’s not on sale, but still a good value at $29.99.

Lego Deals at Amazon

The boys usually want to buy themed sets with their money (Aidan is saving up for the Star Wars A-Wing right now), but it’s good to have plenty of basic bricks around to just build forts or boats out of.

Another good deal is the Lego Mobile Police Unit – on sale for $34.89 (regular price $44.99).

Lego Deals on Amazon

The Star Wars Desert Skiff is on sale for $16.97 – marked down from $24.99.  Aidan has this set and loves it.  It comes with Jedi Luke, who is usually included in more expensive sets.

Lego Deals on Amazon

Come back next Friday for the next Lego Fun Friday!  The building challenge for next week is to build a flying vehicle.  It can be a plane, a spaceship, or anything!

Links in this post are Amazon Affiliate links.  If you purchase through these links, I will earn a small percentage of the sale, which is helpful for our family!


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  1. Laurie Feb 22, 2013

    My son recently became obsessed with Lego ninjago and it's been very hard finding anything reasonably priced. It seems we missed the boat on ninjago toys and only see sets here and there in the stores. I refuse to pay what amazon or eBay want for these little toys! Thanks for the heads up on the builders set. We have quite a few basic sets already and I'm always on the hunt for a good deal.

    1. Katie Feb 22, 2013

      Hey Laurie, my son (4 1/2) loves those as well... but couldnt find any good deals.. so i just bought him the little ninjago guys and a regular building set and hes good with that. You can buy them at pretty much any store that has legos...

      1. Dara Feb 22, 2013

        My four year old just started loving the lego ninjago sets too, after a much older friend from church introduced him to them. The older boy also gave him the white and blue ninjas since he had more than one of them. I have been searching for a few months too for a good deal. But my son uses mini figs from his other sets to make ninjago characters. The C3PO figure changes heads and becomes the the gold ninja.

        1. Sarah Feb 22, 2013

          Thanks for chiming in with ideas about ninjago sets! We actually don't own any ninjago sets at all, so I haven't paid attention to how to get them for cheap.

        2. Laurie Feb 22, 2013

          Katie,I'm jealous of you!! Lol. Where I live (in nj) there are no ninjago characters to be found unless I buy the insanely pricey larger sets. I will be on a hunt for those little guys at all my local garage sales once they start here. I was really excited to score some ninjago snake characters at our local kmart today for $2! Unfortunately, there were no ninjas.
          Dara, I love that idea!!

          1. Jenny @ The Brick Castle Feb 23, 2013

            Smyths toys have the Ninjago Fire Temple on sale in the UK at the moment for £44.95 - down from £91.99. We bought one 2 days ago. Best Lego bargain I've ever managed to find - although we did get my kids 2 of the Ultimate sets 18 months ago on a buy2get1free :)


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