Practice math concepts with LEGO® bricks! These printable math challenge cards will have kids exploring number concepts in a fun and hands-on way. Print them, add a basket of bricks, and you have an instant math center!

I created them with 6-8 year olds in mind, or first and second grade. They will be too challenging for most first graders at the start of the school year, but will be suitable for the second semester or for kids who need more of a challenge in math. (Maybe a center for kids who finish their work early?) Second graders should be able to master the concepts.

Math concepts included in the challenge cards:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Fractions
  • Measurement
  • Estimation
  • Place Value
  • Grouping – helpful for understanding the concept of multiplication

There are 54 cards to print. Here are some examples.

Fractions – 1/3 of 12 is how many bricks?

Place value – Build 46 as 10’s and 1’s.

Grouping – Build 4 groups of 7. How many bricks is that in all? 7 + 7 + 7 + 7 = 28, or four 7’s equals 28. There are also cards that present the concept from the opposite angle. For example, grab 25 bricks. Make groups of 4. How many groups can you make? How many bricks are left over?

This type of thinking prepares students for multiplication and division.

What bricks do I need?

I would recommend setting out at least 50 2 x 2 LEGO® bricks, although 4 x 4 bricks will work too. Most of the cards do not require a specific color, but the fraction ones do. It would be good to have at least 10 bricks in yellow, red, green, and blue. If you are planning to have more than one child working on the challenges at one time, you’ll want to have more than 50 bricks. 100 would probably be enough for three kids or so… since I’m not a classroom teacher it’s hard to say! Leave a comment if you have helpful feedback to offer after trying this with a class!

Ready to print your set of LEGO® Math Challenge Cards? Click below. The file will open and you can print from there.

CLICK HERE: LEGO® Math Challenge Cards

Printing Tips: I recommend printing these on card stock for better durability. Or, laminate your cards. Make sure that your printer is set to NOT print two-sided.


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  1. Sandra M Mar 2, 2018

    Thank you, amazing and fun!

  2. Tricia Mar 2, 2018

    Love this! Thank you for the fun activity! My 7 year old will LOVE it!

  3. Carol McKenna Mar 3, 2018

    These are awesome! Thank you

  4. Danielle Mar 12, 2018

    Thank you for sharing this freebie! We love Lego math at our house and this will be a perfect new addition for spring break coming up.

  5. S Hudson Mar 30, 2018

    Thank you so much for this wonderful printable. We are lovers of Legos, so this will be a huge hit!!

  6. john Jul 15, 2018

    Thanks for this guide

  7. Alicia Carol Sep 10, 2018

    Wow! They all are so good! Thanks for sharing with us. I just came across a worksheet. It's a fun! Just give a read,

  8. Rasi Ismail Oct 29, 2018

    Well I got a kid that I teach maths to and while his bro goes to lego club he has to do some maths lesson which he is annoyed about. So here is the answer lego maths! Brill.

  9. Stephen Mar 20, 2020

    These cards are brilliant. Few kids are overly fond of maths, but almost all are enthusiatic lego players, You've hit the nail on the head. Congratulations, and thanks for your generosity in sharing.

  10. Merve Apr 4, 2020

    What a wonderful idea! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Jennie Jul 13, 2020

    Where are the free printable cards?

  12. Cassie Smith Aug 17, 2020

    Gosh.. I have been looking EVERYWHERE for someone who already had task cards for using legos for math. Thank you so much for sharing this!!

  13. Melissa Aug 22, 2020

    I cannot thank you enough for making these resources available. I'm a lifelong educator but teaching my 1st grade nephew during this remote learning time is BANANAS stressful. I'm incredibly grateful. Like literally tearing up. I believe brilliance should be valued--I would love to Venmo you some $$ for all your creativity and generosity.

  14. Claire Jan 2, 2022

    Thank you so much- these are wonderful resources, and have been so helpful!

  15. Jeanette Schoonover Jan 30, 2023

    Thank you. These are amazing.


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