Looking for rock painting ideas? How about painting rocks with the faces of your favorite LEGO® minifigures!

This is such a fun project for kids of all ages. I would totally recommend this activity for an art class, a LEGO® birthday party, or a rainy day. It’s so fun to make the rocks match your favorite minifigures!

Awhile back, I bought a bag of beach pebbles from Home Depot, and it has been so worth it for rock painting. Where we live, it’s impossible to go out and collect round, smooth rocks like this. Texas rocks are ugly, ha ha!

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I didn’t get any in-progress shots of these rocks, but the process is very simple.

  • Sketch out the design with pencil first.
  • Paint the hair or hat, and then paint the rest of the rock yellow. It may take more than one coat.
  • Use a Sharpie marker to draw the eyes and mouth. A Sharpie is much easier to control than a paintbrush!

We use acrylic craft paint for all of our rock painting. It’s the kind of paint in little bottles for about $1 each in the craft section of Walmart, or at Michael’s or Hobby Lobby. You’ll need to either spray the rocks with polyurethane spray or paint them with a Mod Podge to protect them. Even with a coat of protective spray, the color can still chip if you drop the rocks, but it does keep the acrylic paint from sticking to things and then coming off.

This rock climbing guy might just be my favorite. For this type of mouth, I paint the entire mouth area white. Then I color the parts that I want to be black with a Sharpie marker. I also used the Sharpie to outline the helmet. I used a dot of white acrylic paint for the reflection in the eyes.

This one was a darker rock to start with, so it took 3 coats of yellow paint to make the face yellow enough.

Girl hair is harder to do! But the Sharpie outlines helped.

A ninjago face is easy to do! This would be a great design for beginners.

This one is another favorite of mine. I used light blue paint for the little drops of sweat. So funny!

We might need to go find a place to hide our LEGO® inspired rocks for other kids to discover! Is your community participating in a painted rocks program?

We did a similar LEGO® inspired painting project with Easter eggs, which you can see here: LEGO® Easter eggs. I used wooden eggs and painted them to look like LEGO® minifigures. Check out that post for more design ideas!

Also, we have a huge collection of rock painting ideas here – Rock Painting Ideas for Kids.

Have fun painting!

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  1. Rose Jun 20, 2023

    This is a great idea!! I can't wait to do this with my 30 minute K-3 art class this year!


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