Learn the Concept of Multiplication by Building with LEGO® Bricks!

The other week, I posted a multiplication activity using a grouping approach to multiplication.  Here’s an activity that goes about it from a slightly different angle – a geometric approach to multiplication.  And it uses one of our favorite toys – LEGO® bricks!

(If you’re looking for addition, check out our LEGO Addition Mats!)

LEGO Multiplication! Printable Math Activity

For this game, you’ll need some basic LEGO® bricks (be sure to collect plenty of small ones) and a baseplate.  Then just print the recording sheet from the bottom of this page.  We prefer to laminate our math activities – then we can use a dry erase marker and do them over and over.

Here’s how the activity works:

Build a LEGO® rectangle!  Roll the die once to determine the width of the rectangle.  Then roll it a second time to determine the length.

In the example below, a 2 and a 6 were rolled.  The student should then build a rectangle that is 2 studs by 6 studs.

The rectangle contains 2 rows of 6.  How many studs is that?  12.  2 x 6 = 12.

LEGO Multiplication Mats! Printable Math Activity

Use one die for students who are just beginning to learn about multiplication.  Then progress to two dice or a 12 sided math die.

LEGO Multiplication Mats! Printable Math Activity

Building the rectangle in one solid color might make it easier for kids to picture the concept of multiplication because it helps keep the focus on the number of studs rather than on the number of bricks.  But do whatever works for you!

We used different colors to explore the fact that three fours are equal to four groups of three.  Such a great way to visualize this concept!

LEGO Multiplication Mats! Printable Math Activity

Ready to print your mat?  Click here:  LEGO Multiplication Mat

LEGO Multiplication Mats! Printable Math Activity

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  3. Anne - Just Only Home Sep 19, 2017

    What a fantastic idea! My daughter is just starting with multiplication. With as much as she adores lego I am positive this will be a big hit. Thanks so much for the great idea and the printable! Definitely sharing <3


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