Come check out the March 1, 2024 LEGO New Releases!

Today is a BIG day for LEGO new releases. There are some super fun sets, especially for Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Speed Champions. I’m SUPER excited about the new Medieval Town Square! Wow.

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I have also linked to for sets where LEGO has the lower price.


We love the fact that not only are there several new Harry Potter releases, but they are very affordable prices.

The LEGO Harry Potter Owlery is adorable! The tower fits with the Hogwarts sets, and it comes with three figures and five owls. We’re definitely getting this one, and it’s a good price at $44.99.

The LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Boathouse is another one on our must-have list! This set is a great size, and we love the boats and figures. $37.99 for this one.

The LEGO Harry Potter Forbidden Forest Creatures comes with Buckbeak! Also a thestral and a Cornish pixie, plus Harry and Hermione and a forest scene. $29.99.

There’s a new Hagrid’s Hut! The LEGO Harry Potter Hagrid’s Hut is an updated version, and it’s so cool. Be sure to look for set #76428. The older version has been retired for awhile and is QUITE expensive. This new set is $74.99.

Get just the Weasley’s car! The LEGO Harry Potter Flying Ford Anglia is a classic and only $14.99.

If owls, you’ll definitely want the LEGO Harry Potter Hedwig at 4 Privet Dr. Another great set for only $19.99!

There are two more Harry Potter releases that I did not link here – a Brickheadz set, and a new Sorting Hat. Those two are not as exciting in our opinion, but check them out if you collect those!


My boys are excited about four new speed champion sets!

There’s a two pack – LEGO Speed Champions BMW M4 GT3 and BMV M Hybrid V8. I’m linking to for this one because Amazon has the price really inflated right now. This set should be $44.99.

The LEGO Speed Champions Ford Mustang Dark Horse is super awesome. This one also seems to be already an inflated price on Amazon. The speed champions sets are highly collectible and sell quickly! This set should be $26.99.

The LEGO Speed Champions Audi S1 e-tron Quattro should be $26.99 also.

Then there’s one more! The Speed Champions 2023 McLaren Formula 1 Race Car.


There’s a new LEGO R2-D2! Get the LEGO Star Wars R2-D2 Droid for $99.99. This is not a figure! It’s a buildable droid, and since it’s a 25th anniversary set it comes with a Darth Malak figure.

We’re excited about a new Millennium Falcon at a good price. Get the LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon for $84.99. This one doesn’t seem to be on Amazon yet.

The LEGO Star Wars Boarding the Tantive IV is a super cool set that comes with a clone figure!

Also new is the LEGO Star Wars Tantive IV ship.

The LEGO Star Wars Invisible Hand (another ship) is a good value at $49.99.


We are loving the new LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Sea Animals! So cool!

The new LEGO Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ Cottage is AMAZING. I love the level on detail on this! Trying to decide between this set and the Medieval Village… So hard to choose! This set is available now for LEGO Insiders and open to everyone on March 4th.

The LEGO Medieval Town Square is awesome and goes perfectly with the LEGO Lion Knights’ Castle (which I already have) and the LEGO Blacksmith Shop (which I also have, haha). So many details. I love that LEGO is bringing back these classic sets! This is an update on a set from 15 years ago.


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