Use your bricks to create your own LEGO® Sudoku game! This is a fun LEGO game that kids will love, and it’s easy to set up with bricks you have on hand.

If you’re not familiar with Sudoku, it’s a number puzzle. It consists of a grid of nine squares. Each of those squares is further divided into nine smaller squares. Each smaller square has a digit 1-9 so that each digit appears only once in each vertical and horizontal line, as well as in each of the nine squares.

LEGO Sudoku Game

For this LEGO® version of Sudoku, I decided to use groups of 6 squares instead of 9. It makes the game a more manageable size for younger kids, and it also means that you only have to have 6 colors of LEGO bricks rather than 9. Once you get the hang of it, you can easily expand the game to 9 colors if you want!

Here’s what you need to make your own LEGO Sudoku Game:

  • A 16 x 16 plate
  • 36 – 2 x 2 LEGO bricks. You’ll need 6 each of 6 different colors.
  • A brick separator is useful, but not completely necessary.

First, set up your game board.

In a minute, you’re going to remove bricks in order to make this a puzzle, but we found that it works best to fill it in completely first.

Make sure that each square has one of each color, each vertical row has one of each color, and each horizontal row has one of each color.

LEGO Sudoku Game

Then, remove some bricks. The more you remove, the more difficult it will be to solve the puzzle.

The puzzle below was just the right difficulty level for my 6 year old. My 8 year old could solve it with a few more removed. Make sure that you leave a “starting point” for the puzzle – a row that is only missing one color, or a square that is only missing one.

Then give it to someone to solve!

The first step in solving the puzzle is to look for a row that has 5 out of 6 bricks. Figure out which color is missing and fill it in. Or, look for a square that is only missing one color. Now you know what goes in that square to complete it!

At first, you may need to help kids look for mistakes. Oops, there are 2 red bricks in the same row! Remove the one you just put in, and try again.

My kids had so much fun solving these puzzles over and over! It was just the right level for my 6 and 8 year olds, but like I said above, you can add 3 more colors and make it a 9 square grid if you’d like. Just use a 32 x 32 baseplate.

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  1. Janka Aug 13, 2020

    Awesome idea!

  2. Kathy Dykstra Aug 15, 2020

    Love the Sudoku Lego game! Thanks for the idea.

  3. Cheryl Aug 21, 2020

    What a great idea. Sudoku LEGO game is fantastic.

  4. Carolyn Mullin Feb 2, 2021

    you are so clever. I am a senior citizen that watches great grands and friends children and you inspire me!


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